Dash Camera Is Necessary

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Dash Camera Is Necessary 1
M1 Dash Cam

The new M1 dash cam seamlessly integrates with your Cobra Elite Series DualPro 360° radar system by utilizing the same power source and mounts. With full HD 1080p resolution, collision detection, continuous loop technology, and the Drive HD app, you’ll never miss a moment.

You tell me that you have never had a highway or parking lot incident. WOW!!! That puts you in a minority. Furthermore your time is almost up.

In our society today, everyone needs protection. Pictures…Images…Video….Worth a thousand words. Record…Make a record of the movements around you They will be worth their weight in a court of law.

Dash Camera Is Necessary 2
Cobra DASH 2216D

The DASH 2216D dual view dash cam system continuously records both in front of and behind you. Protect yourself in the case of accidents, insurance fraud, and distracted drivers.

When you have a fender bender, that other person may tell a different story than what really happened. Have you video ready.

Even if that other person is honest and wants to do the right thing…..His/her insurance are not the good guys. Their goal in life is to make a profit. Paying you for your claim eats into their profits. Don’t leave room for any tricks….Have you own video ready.

All in all, Americans are usually good guys, we tend to be trusting which leaves us open to getting screwed. Record…..record….record…

Dash Camera Is Necessary

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