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Ceiling tiles
Antique looking, copper color or other colors to choose from. Dress up your home or business with classy ceiling tiles.

You can generally find faux tin ceiling tiles in styrofoam or foam and PVC (plastic). The tiles are available in a range of patterns, colors, and styles and are painted to mimic the look of real tin.

Back in the 1800s, middle class homeowners in the US loved the look of a decorative plastered ceiling. However, these types of ceilings were too expensive as they were shipped from Europe. They were also incredibly difficult for many to install..


As an alternative, new ceilings were imprinted on thin sheets of rolled tin or steel, and decorative designs were added to the tiles. Most commonly, you would find fleurs de lis and trefoils. The tiles were then painted white to resemble hand carved plaster. Early tin ceilings were found to be durable, lightweight, and even fireproof, further adding to their popularity.

Faux tin ceiling tiles are popular today and can be found in different sizes, finishes, and materials. They are considered an affordable alternative to tin tiles..

Why Faux Tin Ceilings Instead of Real Metal?
Faux tin is made to look like metal and installed like plastic.

Affordability: Due to the materials used in decorative faux-tin ceiling tiles, we can provide a high-quality look for your home at a much lower price.
No echo: Softer surfaces do not bounce sound off as in the case of real metal.
Lightweight: PVC and styrene are lighter than our tin, aluminum, or solid copper.
Easy install: Lightweight, direct glue-up or drop-in application and easy-to-cut tiles make the installation process easier than real tin ceilings.

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Home Upgrade Ceiling Tiles

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