Irrigation Fruit Tree Watering Kit

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Fruit Tree Wattering Kit

The Fruit Tree Watering Kit allows you to easily water the fruit trees on your homestead with just the turn of the spigot. This will save you much time and energy as compared to hand watering or watering with an overhead sprinkler. This kit includes everything you need to adequately water any size fruit tree. This kit work great for everything including figs, apples, pecans, plums, pears, mulberries, blueberries, citrus and more! Our Fruit Tree Watering Kit includes 20 emitters, which is enough for watering 20 trees.

The emitters can be placed anywhere the mainline tubing. So this will work with any type of container spacing you may have. Just use the included dripper plug punch to install drip emitters wherever you need. The mainline tubing can also be configured for whatever container layout you have. If your containers are not in a linear row, you can use the elbows included or additional mainline fittings here.

To determine how many emitters your water system can support at one time, first calculate your flow rate in gallons per minute by timing how long it takes to fill a 5 gallon bucket at your water source. Then multiple your gallons per minute calculation x60 to calculate the gallons per hour output from your water source. Since each emitter has an output of 1 gallon per hour, your gallons per hour flow rate will tell you how many emitters you can support at one time.

If your the flow rate at your water source is not sufficient to support the number of emitters you need, simply install our Mainline Connector Valves and water a portion of the system at a time. You can split your watering system into as many divisions as you’d like to accomplish your watering needs..

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