Red Dogwood Tree

Most Popular Ornamental Trees

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Most Popular Ornamental Trees 1
Cherokee Princess Dogwood

  • Large, Pure, White Spring Flowers
  • Ruby-Red Fall Fruits
  • Reddish-Purple Fall Foliage
  • Four-Season Ornamental Tree
  • Easy to Care for
  • Make way, for you are now in the presence of royalty. The Cherokee Princess Dogwood (Cornus florida ‘Cherokee Princess’) will effortlessly take your breath away with its immaculate features.

    This shrub will be well-deservingly known as the crown jewel of your landscaping.

    In the spring, Cherokee Princess Dogwood will sparkle like the jewel on a crown from its pure, white flowersbefore the bronzy foliage that emerges and ages to green.

    In autumn, the foliage turns into a reddish-purple coloration that will make your jaw-drop, and don’t forget about that excellent red fruit!

    This shrub will sparkle fashionably next to your patio or porch making your house look like the royal palace.

    Most Popular Ornamental Trees 2
    Red Maple Tree

    For an easy winner, select the Red Maple (Acer rubrum) to use as a shade tree in your lawn, or parading along the street or driveway. These native trees have so much going for them, you’ll be very pleased with this choice.

    No matter if you live in the cold winter zones of Minnesota, or the sub-tropical Florida panhandle, Red Maple will be a reliable shade tree for you. You won’t have long to wait for that shade, either. Red Maples grow quickly.

    Some trees require a lot of research on how to care for them. Well, not the Red Maple. It just grows in a beautifully even branch structure, and then proceeds to knock your socks off in autumn. The fall color simply has to be seen to be believed!

    From year to year, and even on different branches from the same tree – you’ll see the brilliant fall color range from bright scarlet red to orange-red and warm yellow. It’s a beloved part of the fall season, and you’ll cherish the special show your tree puts on for you.

    Local wildlife appreciates this native tree. Small, pretty, early spring red flowers support critical pollinators. The leaves emerge after the red flower clusters in the spring and are yellow-green and age to dark green with a silvery underside. Wide branches provide easy shelter for birds.

    Most Popular Ornamental Trees 3
    Tamukeyama Japanese Maple

    The mounded Tamukeyama Japanese Maple is perfect for containers or raised beds beside koi ponds or walls because its branches will extend downward beyond its trunk. This creates a mounded effect and brings romance and mystery to your landscape.

    The Tamukeyama Japanese Maple is a true statement tree. You and your neighbors will be amazed by its rich red foliage color, so plant it where you can admire it daily.

    Great as a focal point in the landscape or in a bed with mixed perennials. The Tamukeyama Japanese Maple’s cascading branches, weeping habit, and compact size make it ideal for almost any garden. Of course, it’s especially beautiful in an Asian-inspired garden. But feel free to use it in any setting, from rustic to contemporary.

    Most Popular Ornamental Trees 4
    GreatMyrtle™ Cherry Delight Crape Myrtle Shrub

    This modern marvel stays small and shapely…with wildly showy blooms that deliver a powerful impact! Use it as a showpiece in a high-profile area for visual interest all season long.

    Go ahead and answer all your garden guests’ questions about this fantastic shrub-form Crape Myrtle. is thrilled to offer this groundbreaking new series of Crape Myrtle from the breeders at GardenGenetics®.

    Watch this innovative new plant bloom in your garden or on your patio all summer long. Starting much earlier in the season than other Crape Myrtles, Cherry Delight develops a vivid display of frilly blooms held high above the mounded outline.

    Don’t worry about splurging on this in you are in Zones 5b, as the roots will remain hardy! Consider Cherry Delight to behave as a perennial, with new growth emerging from the roots each spring.

    Most Popular Ornamental Trees 5
    Shirofugen Flowering Cherry

    Live large with the cherry-red shades of this dynamic small shrub. Why not choose to include it in a brightly tropical theme garden?

    Play with texture and form with Heavenly Bamboo shrubs, Canna perennials and Elephant Ear bulbs. Develop your own exotic getaway steps from your backdoor!

    Jazz up a patio or balcony with a lime green resin container planted with GreatMyrtle™ Cherry Delight Crape Myrtle in the center of the pot. Use your favorite Ajuga as both filler and spiller.

    Line your garden border with lively, sultry, saturated color. Cherry Delight is an excellent foundation and border plant.

    Grow them in the ground as a root-hardy, die-back (herbaceous) perennial in Zone 5b. This improved line stays strongly compact in Zones 6 – 9.


    Most Popular Ornamental Trees

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