Plum Tree Fruit Bearing

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Plum Tree Fruit Bearing 1
Santa Rosa Plum

The plums are medium to large in size and have red-purple skin and yellow flesh that changes to red near the skin. They are juicy and provide a balanced blend of sweet and tart. These beautiful plums are also perfect for canning, freezing, cooking, drying, so you can easily preserve some of your bounty for enjoying later on in the year or sharing with others as gifts. Santa Rosa’s flavor is sweet with a slight tangy edge, perfect for a variety of uses.


The plum tree produces delicious fruit.

Plum Tree Fruit Bearing 2
Methley Plum Tree

Methley Plum is a cultivar of a Japanese plum that is small and upright with just enough of a spreading form to make this an absolutely beautiful tree. It produces heavy, annual crops of juicy, sweet, red purple fruit. The fruit is juicy, sweet and mild with a distinctive flavor which is good for fresh eating or jelly.

This vigorous plum tree, considered more productive and attractive than just about any other plum tree, produces an abundant harvest of fruit each year. So much, in fact, that one harvest requires multiple pickings! It’s an upright, spreading tree with pretty springtime blossoms and glossy green leaves that make it quite ornamental.


Plum Tree Fruit Bearing

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