Japanese Maple

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Waterfall Japanese Maple
Waterfall Japanese Maple

Capture your imagination, and offer your garden visitors a visual treat with this exceptional small tree. Waterfall Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum var. dissectum ‘Waterfall’) brings a larger-than-life impact in your landscape design.

Use it for a gentle, rolling sense of structure. The cascading secondary branches weep towards the ground and create a bridge between land and sky.

Waterfall features finely dissected leaves that move and quake in the breeze. Their soft texture and dynamic movement provide layers of interest that captivates you each time you view your tree.

Using evocative trees like Waterfall easily enriches your spirit. Putting their charm to work in a personalized space is one of the biggest secrets of Japanese Gardens.

They’ll be a natural partner to our other Japanese Maples in a marvelous planting. Contrast their acid green foliage and weeping form with your favorite upright or purple-leaved choices.

Waterfall’s spreading branches can drape over landscape boulders, or grace the ground behind a rounded Azalea. These partner trees snuggle in to soften the look without losing their subtle strength.

You may not notice the petite purple flowers in spring. But plenty of neighborhood butterflies, hummingbirds and beneficial pollinators will appreciate the source of nectar.

All season, this stunning tree draws the eye. But things really heat up starting in autumn, as the night temperatures start to drop.

That’s when the golden leaves with hints of crimson deliver a gorgeous seasonal counterpoint. The glowing leaves make your tree look like it’s been lit from within.

Japanese Red Maple
Japanese Red Maple

Japanese Maples are easily one of the most beautiful trees that you can buy to enhance your landscape! The gorgeous Emperor One Japanese Maple tree (Acer palmatum ‘Wolff’) is indeed the cream of the crop!

This exceptionally ornamental tree has absolutely gorgeous color, lasting throughout all three seasons of the growing season! Plus amazing color that transitions throughout the year!

The leaves emerge in early springs in rich and lustrous, purple-red and plum hues. Changing to brilliant crimson-reds in summer. Autumn can bring fiery reds onto the scene as well! The color saturation is truly a wonder to behold!

The Emperor One or ‘Red Emperor’ as it is sometimes called, is slower to leaf out in the spring than other species of Japanese Maples. This means that it isn’t as susceptible to surprise spring frost damage as other varieties can sometimes be.

One of the great qualities of Emperor One is of course its beautiful leaves! They are exquisitely shaped and colored, but what makes them stand out is their almost translucent quality. Deeply incised and evenly toothed margins create a magical look!

Emperor One Japanese Maple
Emperor One Japanese Maple

Landscaper’s Favorite
Holds Color in the Shade
Rich Plum & Brilliant Crimson
Lustrous Leaves With Outstanding Color
Three Seasons Interest
Wide, Upright Form
Full Sun or Part Shade
Acid Soil Tolerance
Ornamental Accent
Faster Growing, Small Tree
Compact Form

See our display of Japanese maples.

Red Dragon Japanese Maple
Red Dragon Japanese Maple

The Japanese Maple Red Dragon, Acer pd. ‘Red Dragon’, will turn heads with its bold color, open branch system, and distinctive foliage!

Its vivid purple foliage holds well until it changes into an outstanding flaming scarlet in the fall. It keeps its tremendous deep color in sun or shade, better than any other Laceleaf Maples.

A hardy and vigorous grower, (one foot per year) ‘Red Dragon’ has a dwarf growth habit, is well branched with a cascading mound shape. It will reach its mature height in just 10 years.

‘Red Dragon’ does need some protection from cold wind and summer drought. It thrives in moist well-drained soil, but can tolerate a variety of soil conditions. Not drought tolerant, Red Dragon requires regular watering, especially in the first five years.

With its bold colors and unique foliage, this outstanding Japanese Maple ‘Red Dragon’ is a perfect choice for a small garden, rock garden, or as a container plant!

Coral Bark Japanese Maple
Coral Bark Japanese Maple

Vibrant, Coral-Red Bark on Young Stems
Four Seasons of Interest
Attractive, Finely Dissected Foliage with Reddish Leaf Margins
Smaller in Stature and Very Versatile
Easy to Grow
Hardy Across a Wide Range of Zones
If you need a brilliant accent in your landscape, you need a Coral Bark Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum ‘Sango Kaku’). You’ll love it every time you step into your yard.

Bloodgood Japanese Maple
Bloodgood Japanese Maple

This makes a perfect feature tree for a Japanese Garden. What a lovely symbol of calm clarity, with its interplay between the fine-textured leaves and the dramatic coloring.

It makes an incredible focal point in a modern Meditation Garden, too. Let your busy day just melt away as you watch the breeze lightly blow through the leaves. Place a wind chime nearby, or a bubbling fountain. This tree is truly a gift for stressed-out modern souls.

This special tree works in both formal and informal garden styles. You’ll love it as an accent plant to draw your eye.

It will thrive in a large container, and work very well for small yards, decks or balconies. Gardeners have also pruned Japanese Maple into bonsai for thousands of years. Take the time to notice its special show for you every day.



Japanese Maple


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