Mole Vole Control Solutions

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Mole and Vole Repellent Dan River Farms
Bonide 692 Molemax Mole and Vole Repellent

  • Repels moles, voles, gophers, rabbits, armadillos and skunks
  • Use in lawns, flower beds and gardens
  • Granules: l lb. treats 500 sq. ft.
  • Lasts up to 3 months
  • Not for sale in some states
  • Moles are known pests to human activities such as agriculture, lawn care, and gardening. However, they do not eat plant roots; they only cause damage indirectly as they eat earthworms and other small invertebrates in the soil. (from Wikipedia)


    We are presenting 3 very different possible Mole Vole Control Solutions

    Mole & Gopher Sonic Spikes Dan River Farms
    Terro/Sweeney 9012 Mole & Gopher Sonic Spikes

  • Drives moles & gophers away unharmed & without the use of poisons or chemicals
  • Penetrating sonic pulses irritate burrowing rodents and sends them scurrying away
  • Designed with convenient battery sleeve for trouble-free battery replacement
  • 2 spikes per package covers 15,000 sq. ft. area
  • RESTRICTED: This product cannot be shipped to the following states: CO, NM
  • .

    Mole Trap Dan River Farms
    Woodstream S9015 Deadset Mole Trap

  • Easy-to-set precision built mole trap
  • Triggered by slightest underground movement
  • Ergonomically designed, easy grasp handle
  • Spears are located below the ground surface safely away from children and pets
  • Sets to perfect depth every time

  • Voles often eat succulent root systems and burrow under plants or ground cover and eat away until the plant is dead. Bulbs in the ground are another favorite target for voles; their excellent burrowing and tunneling skills give them access to sensitive areas without clear or early warning.(From Wikipedia)

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    Mole Vole Control Solutions



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