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We are please to tell you that the home improvement department of Dan River Farms has been approved into the Decorative Ceiling Tiles affiliate program. This means that our customers will now be able to browse and buy the gorgeous products that are distributed by Decorative Ceiling Tiles.

New Merchant Home Improvments

Decorative Ceiling Tiles is based in Florida and has an excellent reputation of fine products and supportive management. Their service and support is the best. Dan River Farms is pleased to be able to show you their fine products.

Pop corn ceilings are a thing of the distance past. Painted flat ceilings are bland. Be creative with your ceilings. Be classy without breaking the budget.

This beautiful picture shows just one example of what your ceiling could look like. Many patterns to choose from.

Also panels are available for other ceilings. Splash blocks for the kitchen. Wall panels for any room. Dress up the bathroom walls. Accessories are available such as trim, wainscot strips and base boards. All to match your chosen panels.

Install yourself or hire your own installer. Most pieces are installed with everyday nails, screws or glue.

New Merchant Home Improvements



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