Emperor One Japanese Maple

Japanese Maple

Waterfall Japanese Maple Capture your imagination, and offer your garden visitors a visual treat with this exceptional small tree. Waterfall Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum var. dissectum ‘Waterfall’) brings a larger-than-life impact in your landscape design. Use it for a gentle, rolling sense of structure. The cascading secondary branches weep towards the ground and create a […]

Red Delicious Apple Trees

Apples are one of the world’s most popular fruit and red delicious apple trees seem to be the most popular apple. One rating chart that I saw rates the apple as number 5 most popular fruit in the world. Strawberries were number 1. Number 2 was mango, watermelon was number 3 and bananas were number […]

Weeping Willow Tree

The weeping willow tree is probably the best know of the willow tree group. There are a number of willow trees that are beautiful in their own rite. You can see the display of other willows by clicking here. Weeping Willow Tree Everyone loves the familiar Weeping Willow tree (Salix babylonica). Its graceful, ground-sweeping branches […]

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