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Ornamental Peach with Outstanding Color Bonfire Peach is an ornamental peach tree or deciduous shrub. One would be a lovely companion to other plants in your shrub border, or use as an accent along a perennial bed. This would also be an excellent choice as a container plant for your patio and does well even in urban environments.
Your Bonfire Peach does produce fruit, but what you’ll really value it for is its colorful foliage and spring display.
The first thing you’ll notice are the eye-catching rosy buds that appear in early spring. Those tiny buds soon burst forth into striking, bright pink flowers with deep pink centers that virtually smother the branches in dynamic color. The effect is stunning in any landscape and sure to turn the heads of friends and neighbors.
When the spring show ends, it’s only to introduce the summer foliage that presents a uniquely colorful appearance all season long. Long and tapered, each leaf of your Bonfire Peach emerges dark red, transforming to a deep burgundy.
That same foliage takes on a gold-tint for autumn. You may not readily notice the tiny fruits your Bonfire Peach provides, but a quick peek beneath the leaves will reveal the tiny, round treasures in late summer/early fall. The red-striated, white flesh is perfect for pies and canning, but is generally not eaten raw.
This Peach cultivar is actually a dwarf shrub that has an oval to rounded habit and is equally as lovely whether left to grow naturally in a shrub form or pruned as a tree.
Bonfire Peach is a popular choice for a patio tree, and are often noted for their use in that regard. Bonfire Peach is certainly a one-of-a-kind peach tree with 3-season appeal, and sure to be a valued addition to your home.
Spring display
Summer and fall foliage color
Great for containers
Wildlife interest