Bruce Plum Tree

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One of the tastiest, hardiest & easy-to-grow plums!We searched and searched, but no matter how hard we looked we couldn’t figure it out.Who is Bruce?We really want to know.Why?So we can profusely thank him for his wonderful namesake plum!Bruce Plum Tree (Prunus salicina ‘Bruce’) is one of the tastiest, hardiest and easy-to-grow plums available to the home grower today. It will give you bushels of sweet-tart, chin-drippin’, juicy fruit that you can pick off your own tree.Produced by crossing a Japanese plum with a European plum, it gives you the best of both – a champ performer in the heat of the south and at the same time it’s a boss in the frost.Bruce only grows 10-15 feet tall, so it is great in urban orchards or even in big pots on a patio or balcony. (For best fruit production you need to plant a pollinator with it.) It starts blooming in early spring with tons of small paper-white flowers. By June the fruit has grown and is ready to pick and eat! Bruce will give you especially large plums that have a rich red skin and deep yellow/orange flesh that looks great fresh-cut in a fruit salad or baked in a pie. It is also fantastic for fresh-out-of-hand goodness.Give it full sun, well-drained soil, a little fertilizer and some good vibes and you will be eating two or three bushels of plums from every Bruce Plum tree every summer fruiting season! Your neighbors will be wondering where you’re getting all of the fruit, since you’ll have an abundance to share.Tell them you got them from your friend, Bruce.* Simple to grow* Delicious fruit – fresh or cooked * Early fruiting* Needs a pollinator such as the Methley Plum