Chinese Apricot Tree

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Health-Enhancing Apricots on a Hardy Tree Chinese Apricot Tree is a hardy, deciduous tree that produces delicious, early fruit. Be sure to plant one in view of a window so you can enjoy watching your harvest develop throughout the summer. Your Chinese Apricot Tree is sure to be a lovely addition to your yard. The branches expand an elegant spread, supporting many shorter branchlets for an appealing appearance even in winter. In the spring, pink-hued, white flowers will appear to be sprinkled across your tree’s branches, a lovely welcome to the warmth of summer. Serrated, oval green leaves cling to your Chinese Apricot’s branchlets by colorful, reddish stems through the warm months, clothing your tree in vibrant green. As the season progresses, the flowers give way to spherical, pitted fruit. Ripening to a yellow-orange brilliance, your fruit is sure to stand out in sharp contrast against lush, green foliage. The fruit of your Chinese Apricot is of superb quality, and generally freestone, making it easy to use in canning, drying, or in baked goods. Apricots contain carotenoids which are antioxidants that help prevent heart disease, reduce “bad cholesterol” levels, and protect against cancer. In fact, apricots and their stones have been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. They are also high in fiber and considered by some to be a natural weight-loss food. The Chinese Apricot Tree is an early bearing, heavy producing variety that is recommended for difficult climates (especially those prone to late spring frosts). It blooms very early and is also one of the earliest ripening fruits. Chinese Apricot is considered semi-dwarf, and is adaptable to many soil types. It doesn’t require a pollinator, so you can even try just one if you prefer. An apricot tree is hard to resist. Beneficial not just for its healthy, delicious fruit, but also valued for its ornamental appeal, Chinese Appricot Tree is a must have for your yard today. Delicious fruit with health benefits Ornamental appeal Generally freestone Heavy producing