Easy Elegance® Screaming Neon Red™ Rose

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Brilliant, Re-Blooming Rose with a Hardy Nature Screaming Neon Red Rose, Rosa ‘BAlneon’, is a hardy variety of shrub rose in the Easy Elegance Roses series. Plant just one for a lively accent amid your other perennial plantings, or place several en masse in a side yard where you could use an enduring splash of color. Your Screaming Neon Red Rose is just as it sounds–a rose bush that creates roses of a red color so brilliant that it seems to be “screaming neon”! Each single, red blossom features a dash of yellow at its stamen, the two-toned effect singing-out amid the backdrop of its dark green foliage. Screaming Neon Red Rose maintains its dazzling effect all summer long with its repeating bloom, and requires little care. As summer merges into fall, the green foliage transitions to a gorgeous, deep red color that is sure to enliven your late season landscape. Screaming Neon Red Rose is an Easy Elegance Rose, developed as an “own-root” rose and has good disease resistance. This means that it is more hardy than many other rose varieties, and able to withstand harsh conditions. There are many rose varieties available on the market today. However, few can boast of both the beauty and hardiness of Screaming Neon Red Rose. This rose from the Easy Elegance Roses series delivers what its name implies–an “elegant” rose that is “easy” to care for. Try one today and you’ll soon agree that Screaming Neon Red Rose is one of the best varieties available for your home today. Bright blooms Re-blooming Fall interest