Katy Apricot Tree

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One Of The Earliest Ripening Fruits! Katy Apricot, Prunus armeniaca ‘Katy’, is a fruit-bearing tree that produces remarkable fruit, and is especially adaptable to warmer climates. Plant one (or better yet, several), in your side yard where you can enjoy the sights of your own personal apricot orchard all summer long. Your Katy Apricot tree has many admirable features, but perhaps its most attractive asset is its early ripening nature. While friends and family are still waiting for their fruit trees to produce, you’ll already be picking your Katy Apricots in the month of May! The tree-ripened fruit is not acidic in taste and has a lively golden skin with orange overtones. Katy Apricot is a highly productive tree, so you’re sure to enjoy a sumptuous harvest. The large, firm fruit is perfect for a wide variety of culinary uses, such as desserts, jams and jellies and is especially great for drying due to its high sugar content. It even freezes and cans well…and of course it tastes great right off the tree. As if the delicious fruit wasn’t enough, your Katy Apricot is also a pretty tree, blooming with fragrant, white flowers in spring and maintaining vibrant, green foliage throughout summer. It is amenable to pruning, allowing you to trim to the height you prefer (and adding to ease of harvest). Katy Apricot is self-fertile, but as with most fruiting trees, will do better with a cross-pollinator. Katy Apricot was introduced in 1978 and continues to be a popular choice among gardeners. Try one of these incredible, early-harvest apricot trees this year. You’ll be glad you did! Early Harvesting Freestone Fruit Tolerant Of Wet Soil Winter Hardy Self-Fruitful