Ketchup & Mustard Floribunda Rose

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Velvety, Red/Yellow Contrast Ketchup & Mustard Rose is a Floribunda variety of rose bush with vibrant, contrasting colors. Plant one in your rose garden for a stand-out display of remarkable color that’s sure to draw friends and family in for a closer look. Ketchup & Mustard may sound like an odd name for a rose variety, but you’ll find that the description perfectly fits this rose of deep, velvety color. Each 3 to 4-inch bloom is slightly pointed, with a petal count of 25. The delicate petals display a rich, ketchup-red on the bottom with brilliant, mustard-yellow on top. As the petals unfurl the effect is stunning, offering a two-toned blossom that’s an irresistible draw to both humans and pollinators alike. A subtle scent, and glossy, bright green foliage rounds out the show for a truly one-of-a-kind performance. Your Ketchup & Mustard Rose is big enough to demand attention, but small enough to tuck into some tight spaces. You can even use these in containers. The blooms begin to appear in early summer and continue through the season. Ketchup & Mustard even makes a durable cut flower so you can bring a few of these unique blooms indoors. For a gorgeous rose that blooms all summer…with a unique name and unparalleled beauty…try Ketchup & Mustard Rose. Uniquely colored blooms Can use in containers Fragrant, Great cut flower Summer-long bloom