Little Lime® Hydrangea Tree Form


Unique Accent Little Lime® Hydrangea Tree Form Best-Selling Compact Shrub Expertly Trained as a Tree Form Enjoy Full-Sized Flowers Closer to Eye Level Cone-Shaped Flowers Start Lime Green and Burnish to Sweet Pink in the Fall Reblooms Through Su

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Unique Accent Little Lime® Hydrangea Tree FormBest-Selling Compact Shrub Expertly Trained as a Tree Form
Enjoy Full-Sized Flowers Closer to Eye Level
Cone-Shaped Flowers Start Lime Green and Burnish to Sweet Pink in the Fall
Reblooms Through Summer
Great Fresh Cut Flowers or Dried
Very Reliable Performance
No Need to Worry About Soil pH
Grows Sun or Partial Shade
Leave Past Flowers on the Tree for Winter Interest
Lightly Prune to Shape in Early Spring
Add cunning little accent tree-form shrubs and join one of the hottest design trends in gardening. You’ll love how ornamental these “tried and true”, award-winning shrubs become when they are turned into a sweet, little accent tree.
Our expert plantsmen carefully train the awesome Little Lime Hydrangea (Hydrangea paniculata ‘Jane’) to a tall standard trunk to make a tiny tree! They’ll add an incredible, modern look to your landscape.
Huge, eight-inch, full blooms decorate your landscape for 16 weeks in summer. Watch as they start lime green, and slowly burnish all the way through soft pink with a touch of burgundy for fall.
You’ll be able to study the massive flowers of this panicle Hydrangea without bending over!
The well-branched canopy stays compact and rounded. Strong stems hold the conical, green summer flowers straight upright, without flipping or flopping.
The bright bloom color coordinates beautifully with many other landscape plants, and are perfectly offset by the dark green foliage.
The beauty of this dwarf tree selection of Limelight Hydrangea is not only its smaller size, but also the fact that it reblooms to provide you with new flowers from summer into fall. Little Lime blooms on new wood, so you’ll enjoy having blooms, blooms and more blooms!
Little Lime Hydrangea has been carefully field-tested by the Proven Winners® for reliability and high performance year after year. Nature Hills has taken the ball, and run with it.
Order today, as people across the country are searching for these standout, small accent trees. You’ll adore your tree-form Little Lime Hydrangea.
How to Use Little Lime Hydrangea® Tree Form in the LandscapeGive this special variety a place of honor in your landscape. Frankly, it’s small enough to be used almost anywhere.
Plant several trees to ensure you have enough for incredible cut flower arrangements. These trees are so cute, you’ll want more than one, anyways.
Try a pair flanking either side of your front doorway. You’ll greet guests in high style.
Only have room for one? Tuck it in your foundation planting, reworking—or enlarging—the planting to make space, if needed.
Add several in a patio planting bed. Keep the design formal, with symmetrical spacing. Or, take a natural approach and create an informal grouping of these teeny-tiny trees.
Kids adore these, so add them near their play structure or playhouse. Perhaps they could decorate them for each holiday!
These special tree-form plants can be grown in large containers, as well. March several down the length of your terrace for easy-breezy high-style.
Add a container tree to decorate either side of your garage. Turn an eyesore into a pretty garden feature.
For a cheeky, cheery look—why not add them to a mass planting of Little Lime Hydrangea bushes? Repeat them every six to eight feet on center, measuring from the center of one to the center of the next.
#ProPlantTips for CareLittle Lime Hydrangea Tree Form is super hardy, and simple to maintain. They are pest free, cold hardy and heat tolerant.
Grow them in full-sun or partial shade. They need at least four hours of direct sunlight a day to promote vigorous flowering.
However, please don’t plant them in full shade positions. If they don’t receive enough sunlight, they will develop thinner stems that may have trouble supporting the large flower heads. Full shade will also limit flower production.
In the hottest climates, they do appreciate afternoon shade. Give them a sheltered spot, if your geographic region is prone to high winds.
Be sure to keep the faded blooms on all winter long for visual interest. Prune one-third the length of the branches in early spring to evenly shape your plants and remove last year’s blooms.
Plant them in well-drained soil. Elevate your planting with a raised bed, or plant in containers if you have poorly drained soil.
Give your plants a regular, even amount of water regularly during the growing season. This is really important when the flowers are developing.
Provide a good watering in late fall to protect your landscape plants overwinter. Apply mulch in a three-inch layer over the root system to cut down on surface evaporation. Take care to ensure mulch is pulled back away from touching the trunk.
You can use slow-release fertilizer for flowering plants in early spring and again in mid-summer. Please follow the application rate directions on the label.
Little Lime Hydrangea Tree Form from the plant artisans at Nature Hills will become a super showy display. It’s right-sized for small space gardens; but its visual appeal is larger than life. Order today!