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Sassy Saffron and SpiceDo you turn heads with your vivacious signature style?Between you and I, would you consider yourself – ahem – top notch, one of the best in the bunch?Then Livin’ Easy™ is your rose.This top Award winner delivers an enormous visual impact in your landscape. Livin’ Easy™ (Rosa ‘HARwelcome’) produces waves of fragrant, double, apricot, orange and yellow blossoms with a hint of pink. The foliage is a very glossy green that looks great even without its beautiful flowers.Each ruffled bloom features up to 40 petals. Because they are medium-sized, fully double blooms, the amount of petals really catch your eye. It feels very generous.With a sweet citrus scent, this vigorous rose bush blooms from May through October. You’ll love how easy Livin’ Easy is to care for, is very hardy, and disease resistant. The showy flowers will light up a landscape and it blends beautifully with other colors.Use it as a hedge, foundation planting, or crowded into a mixed border. You’ll need more vases, as you’ll have armloads of flower clusters to bring inside. Order today, we run out of this popular variety!Amazing FragranceModern RoseHeat TolerantDisease Resistant