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Cold Hardy and Disease Resistant Wine Grape The Marquette Grape, Vitis ‘Marquette’ (PPAF), is a red wine Grape that combines cold hardiness and disease resistance with excellent wine quality. Tasters noted a deep red color and desirable aromas. Perfect for the Upper Midwest, Michigan, New England and Quebec. The open, orderly, and somewhat upright growth habit of Marquette is considered highly desirable for efficient vineyard management, and fruit exposure to the sun conducive to maximizing wine quality. Marquette grape has proven to be an outstanding vine. In terms of cold hardiness, it has withstood temperatures as low as -36° F without serious injury. Resistance to common grape diseases such as, downy mildew, powdery mildew, and black rot, this Grape has been excellent, and the vine requires only a minimal spray program. This Grape tolerates a wide range of soil conditions, but must have good drainage. Grapes are primarily grown for fruit production in home fruit gardens where they provide good ornamental value: bold summer foliage, showy fruit, some fall color and shaggy, twisted trunking and branching often best seen in winter. Grapes need a good support system like fences, walls, trellises, arbors or other structures. The Grape vines can be quite attractive year-round and can provide good cover, screening, or shade to areas around the home. Grapes need full sunlight and high temperatures to ripen, so plant on southern slopes, the south side of windbreaks, or the south sides of buildings. Considered to be a good Grape for juices and jellies. Birds love Grapes, so be sure to plant some to share. Red Wine Grape Cold Hardy Disease Resistant Year Round Ornamental Interest