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Late-Blooming Flowers and Fall Harvest Rio Oso Gem Peach Tree, Prunus persica ‘Rio Oso Gem’, is a fruit-bearing tree with delicious fruit. Plant a few in your back yard where you can enjoy the spring flowers and fall harvest, but won’t be bothered by dropping fruit. Your Rio Oso Gem Peach tree is most beloved for its exceptional fruit.
Large and firm, its appearance is as stunning to the eye as its taste is a sensation on the tongue. Round with a yellow skin and scarlet blush, your Rio Oso Gem Peach presents a stunning picture hanging amid its vibrant, green foliage. Rio’s flesh is somewhat coarse yet juicy, with a delightfully-rich, sweet flavor with orange undertones and a tart finish.
As if the fruit weren’t reason enough to plant one of these productive trees this year, the spring flowers will provide a burst of pink, floral brilliance in late spring, a lively start to the coming summer. The gorgeous blossoms begin as red buds before opening to prolific, clusters of pink blooms that blanket your tree before transitioning to fruit. When fall arrives, your Rio Oso Gem Peach tree foliage will take on yellow hues for a lovely autumn show.
Rio Oso Gem Peach tree tends to have a low canopy and is adaptable to a variety of soil types. Rio is considered to be self-fertile (so you can start with just one if you prefer), however it tends toward an improved yield with a pollinator nearby. Its late spring bloom helps it to withstand spring frosts, an added benefit depending upon where you live in the country.
Rio Oso Gem Peach is a great choice if you don’t have much room, and want a peach that will be both ornamental and fruitful (and hardy in terms of frosts). It’s even long-lived (living up to 40 years in optimal conditions). Try a Rio Peach today and begin to enjoy its many exceptional features!
Freestone fruit
Urban tolerant
Late-bloom for frost resistance