Artisan™ Red Ombre Coneflower
Artisan™ Red Ombre Coneflower

Artisan™ Red Ombre Coneflower


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All the colors of the sunset mixed into one unique bloom! The Artisan™ Red Ombre Coneflower (Echinacea x ‘PAS1257973’) will start a sunset garden party in your landscape with its juicy array of tomato and scarlet reds, juicy oranges, burnt siennas, fruity corals, and other peachy hues! Each big ray flower subtly changes colors as it ages but maintains that spikey ball of darker orange and yellow pollen in the centers to invite every pollinator in the area to the party!
Red Ombre Coneflowers stand up to sun and weather with strong stems and coarse, deep green lance-shaped foliage. Forming mounds that look great long before the flowers appear. Then enjoy flushes of big bold blooms all summer, with additional flowers until frost (especially if you remember to deadhead). Just leave a few blooms at the end of the season for birds to find a feast in the seedpods.
Artisan™ Coneflowers are wonderfully xeric, great for fire-wise landscaping, heat and humidity resistant, thrive in sun all day long, and won’t feed the deer and bunnies. Hardy throughout USDA growing zones 4 through 9, there’s little these tough hybrids won’t be able to handle. All this and they still look stellar in a vase as the thrillers in your bouquets!
Planting and Application:Plant these drought-tolerant perennials in the pollinator and updated wildflower garden, any sun garden as edging or border plants, or add pops of color to a Rock Garden! Try combining with other Artisan™ Coneflowers like Yellow Ombre or Soft Orange for a full sunset and sunrise garden party! The big landing pads are an open invitation to nectar-sipping pollinators and bees looking to gather pollen!
Red Ombre Coneflowers look great planted among other hot-colored perennial flowering combinations such as Black-Eyed Susan, Butterfly Weed Plant, Blanket Flower, Gaillardia and Red Hot Poker Plants! Or display this unique Coneflower all on its own as a fantastic specimen and focal point plant by plating en masse along hot, dry swaths of sunbaked ground and that tricky hell strip along the road or sidewalk!
Red to Orange Color-Changing Ray Flowers
Coarse Dark Green Pointed Leaf Mounds
Tough, Hardy Perennial Plant
Pollinators & Cut Flower Power-Houses
Borders & Edging, Rock Gardens, Colorful Accents & En Masse
#ProPlantTips for Care:Echinacea hybrids are low-maintenance sun-loving herbaceous perennials that thrive in tough conditions once established. Plant in about any kind of well-drained soil with regular moisture for new plants, but after, Coneflowers are very drought tolerant. For best flowering though, provide supplemental moisture throughout tough times and hot summers. Mulch mounds with 3-4 inches of arborist bark chips. Deadhead to encourage new blooms, then prune back mounds in late fall after the foliage yellows.
Full Sun
Thrives in Most Well-Drained Soil Types
Moderate Moisture & Low Water Needs Once Established
Xeric, Drought, Firewise & Adaptable
Low-Maintenance – Prune Back Late Fall
It’s a perennial party with the varied spicy reds and oranges of the Artisan™ Red Ombre Coneflower! Hurry and reserve these latest gems for your landscape today from!