Deamii Black-Eyed Susan
Deamii Black-Eyed Susan

Deamii Black-Eyed Susan


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The dreamy dark yellow to yellow-orange petals of the Deamii Black-Eyed Susan (Rudbeckia fulgida var. Deamii) is a larger, cheerier, and more colorful black “hatted” Coneflower-like bloomer! The Daisy-like flower petals have a more orange color than other Black-Eyed Susans and appear on top of 2-foot-tall stems from late summer until fall!
The flower has blackish-brown centers and blooms in abundance from August to October. Feeding pollinators and bees all growing season and becoming bird-friendly black cones that will bring birds and sound to a garden! With its toothed, mid-green leaves and excellent long-lasting cut-flowers, this plant will certainly become one of your favorites!
Cold-hardy throughout USDA growing zones 3 to 7, these hardy perennials grow stout and show off in the sun and can be quite xeric once established. Even when not in bloom, the coarse foliage mounds look fantastic on their own.
Planting and Application:Deamii adds fantastic color to a perennial border and Cottage garden, as a singular specimen or in groupings that bring in the butterflies! Cut flower gardens and sunny short Prairies, open woods, fields, and roadsides. It’s sure to fit in well with your other wildflowers or meadow plants.
These tough perennials are perfect for tricky situations such as along the roadside or sidewalk, along driveways, and hot sunny hillsides to help with erosion, happily filling in 18-24 inches wide as mass plantings.
Perfect Pollinator borders and bird-friendly gardens, Black-Eyed Susans shine by attracting these creatures, and you are sure to improve your garden and your local ecology! You will get to enjoy these blossoms indoors too, so snip a few stems for bouquets and summer floral arrangements!
This beautiful Black-Eyed Susan is an excellent choice for the middle of a late summer garden border and as sunny facer plants along the fronts of hedges and evergreens. Display the Deamii in bold drifts in a sunny or partially shady site that doesn’t dry out over the summer. Even smaller gardens and container gardeners can enjoy these hardy perennials on sunny porches, patios and balconies!
Large Orange-Yellow Blooms in Late Summer
Attracts Wildlife & Pollinators
Coarse Green Foliage
Compact Mounds & Strong Stems
Use in Containers, Borders, Cutting Gardens & Sun Garden Beds
#ProPlantTips for Care:Deamii prefers full sun to partial shade and moderately fertile, preferably heavy but well-drained soil. Water regularly until established and during prolonged drought. These perennials appreciate 3-4 inches of mulch over the entire root system for best results.
Prune back the stems and foliage in the fall and remove them from the area if any pest or disease issues are present, otherwise, you can leave the seedheads up for fall and winter interest, as well as bird food! If left to seed, this will likely return on its own from self-seeding after winter has passed. Of course, you can always deadhead the spent blooms to prevent self-seeding and promote additional blooms instead. The mounds can be divided either in autumn or spring.
This hearty plant grows well in many regions, and at times, a little “too well.” Nature Hills uses the Plant Sentryā„¢ system to abide by all local, state, and federal regulations for plants that can become invasive in your region.
Full Sun Perennials
Widely Adaptable To Any Well-Drained Soil
Moderate to Low Moisture Needs – Drought Tolerant Once Established
Deer Don’t Tend to Bother This Plant
Easy to Grow, Great for Beginners
Order your own Deamii Black-Eyed Susan today and enjoy these brilliant orange-yellow blooms for you and your pollinators in the sun garden! Buy yours today at Nature Hills!