First Editions® Straight Talk® Privet
First Editions® Straight Talk® Privet

First Editions® Straight Talk® Privet


Stunning First Editions Straight Talk Privet Extremely Narrow Growth Habit Perfect Fit in Tight Spaces Excellent Modern Privacy Solution Grows Quickly Beautifully Lustrous Foliage Shear, or Grow Naturally Tiny, Fragrant White Blooms Support Butt

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Stunning First Editions Straight Talk PrivetExtremely Narrow Growth Habit
Perfect Fit in Tight Spaces
Excellent Modern Privacy Solution
Grows Quickly
Beautifully Lustrous Foliage
Shear, or Grow Naturally
Tiny, Fragrant White Blooms
Support Butterflies and Birds
Vertical Accent
Great Choice for Colder Climates
Grow in Full Sun or Partial Shade
Easy to Grow in Urban Conditions
Of course you love the classic look of Privet with their gorgeous texture, glossy dark green foliage and “bulletproof” nature. Who wouldn’t?
The exceptional Privet performs for years and years. But many cultivars grow too large and can quickly overwhelm a small modern lot.
Plant scientists understand your conundrum. That’s why they’ve worked tirelessly for years to bring a slender cultivar to market.
Tough-as-nails First Editions Straight Talk Privet (Ligustrum vulgare ‘Swift’) is the solution for home-owners who demand that elegant Privet look without losing too much ground over their choice.
Lush Straight Talk Privet grows tall, but stays very narrow and well-kept. Like all Privets, it handles pruning without any problem if you need to keep it shorter.
This choice makes a great vertical accent for any garden. It’s tightly upright shape guides the eye upward to make any garden setting appear larger.
Cold hardy Straight Talk will be a rugged and strong backbone to your garden beds and borders. Use it in tight side yards to add a blissful sense of privacy.
Primarily grown for its thick foliage and upright habit, Straight Talk Privet can be sheared or left to grow naturally. If allowed to grow “fluffy”, it develops tiny, fragrant white flowers in late spring that provide nectar for honey bees and butterflies.
Feed your local songbirds when the flowers turn into tiny black berries. The birds love these nearly seedless fruits and will take them quickly.
Stalwart Straight Talk Privet both grounds your garden design and grows into a lovely conversation piece. Solve your toughest landscape challenges…order yours today!
How to Use First Editions Straight Talk Privet in the LandscapeMake more room for yourself and your circle of family and friends. Reclaim space on your property by installing outdoor dining rooms, private fire pits and enclosed Outdoor Yoga Studios.
Here’s how. Plant living “walls” of Straight Talk Privet 18 inches apart on center.
Sure, you could run them all along the length of your chain link fence to hide the neighbor once and for all. But you can also use them to divide your property into a series of outdoor rooms that work hard for you and your family.
Grassy green carpet, green walls of Privet, and a bright blue ceiling. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?
Use Straight Talk Privet to create a long hedge or install a short, strategic burst of privacy just where you need to block an unfortunate view. The energetic texture of the large, glossy leaves will become an outstanding asset for your property.
Commercial property owners, these hard-working shrubs elevate the look of your utility entrances and air conditioning units. Create a grand estate with their help.
For fastest results, stagger a double row in a tight zig-zag. We also recommend that you order Nature Hills Root Booster to have life-long support of the feeder roots as they access micronutrients from the soil.
Even a single Straight Talk Privet makes an enchanting specimen at a turn in a winding garden path. The wind ripples along that lush foliage in a delightful way.
You’ll find plenty of places to use these densely branched workhorses. Try a pair flanking either side of your front door; or boost the grandeur of the entrance to an outdoor kitchen.
#ProPlantTips for CareThis hardy Privet needs a modicum of care, especially if you’ll grow it as a natural shrub without shearing. Give it full sun or partial shade…with at least four hours of daylight.
It grows in a wide range of soils, as long as it doesn’t remain constantly wet. Provide a moderate amount of water on a regular basis for best results.
It can be trimmed as needed, but heavy pruning for shearing is best done in early spring. You can wait until after the fragrant white flowers are finished, if you like.
Hedges should be trimmed in a tall triangle shape. Keep the bottom wider than the top, so sunlight can support foliage all the way down to the ground.
This strongly vertical cultivar is hugely popular with our professional garden designer clients in many areas of the country. Please place your order for Straight Talk Privet ASAP if you see it in stock on our site.