Glitters Like Gold Black-Eyed Susan
Glitters Like Gold Black-Eyed Susan

Glitters Like Gold Black-Eyed Susan


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Rays of sunshine! The long petals and brilliant yellow, Glitters Like Gold Black-Eyed Susan (Rudbeckia x ‘Glitters Like Gold’) boasts large, radiant ray-petalled blooms with raised chocolate brown centers! Highly floriferous blooms rise on sturdy stems above deep-green, coarse foliage, forming tidy perennial clumps.
Great cut flowers for your bouquets, but keep a few outdoors for the Butterflies and pollinators flocking to these blooms! Don’t worry, there’ll be plenty to choose from, and more on the way! Once the blooms Overwintering songbirds peck at the nutrient-rich seeds. Please keep the plants standing during your fall cleanup. You’ll love the way the dried blooms catch and sculpt light, fluffy snowfall.
The coarse foliage is dark green and medium-textured, and the contrasting color “pops” the bright yellow blooms. This special variety is well-known for the abundance and length of its flowering period. Cold-hardy and heat-tolerant throughout USDA growing zones 4 to 9, this space-saving perennial grows 2-3 feet in height when in bloom and spreads just 1-2 feet wide!
Planting and Application:Glitters Like Gold sparkles in the sunny Rock Gardens, Perennial and Cottage beds and borders are fantastic for these bold late-summer flowers. Performing in hot, dry, sunny spots with ease. That Xeric hell strip along the road or sidewalk will see these perennials thrive! Sunny meadows and wildflower gardens gain brilliant butterfly and songbird-friendly blooms!
Sized for borders and edging, containers and planters, these hardy native cultivars are compact and dense-growing! Any garden or container garden has room for these! Patios and front porches, balconies, and in urns to add height to the garden bed or border!
Drifts of golden-yellow light-up mass plantings, naturalized prairies, and hard-to-mow hillsides! You will slow erosion while adding brilliant appeal and feed pollinators galore! Create a fresh take on “Modern” plantings with an organic collection of many different Black-Eyed Susans in a rectangular raised bed.
Bold Yellow Petals & Raised Chocolate-Brown Centers
Coarse Green Foliage Mounds
Strong Stems For Cut Flowers
Pollinator Gardens & Bird-Friendly Fall Seeds
Great Cut Flowers, Beds & Borders, En Masse & Excellent in Containers
#ProPlantTips for Care:Full sun and any well-drained soil that’s organically enriched is best for these tender perennials, but these hardy native cultivars handle poor, rocky, sandy, and less-than-optimal conditions fantastically!
Highly resistant to septoria leaf spot disease! Drought-tolerant once established Rudbeckia has low-average water needs, but supplemental moisture during prolonged drought protects your investment. These perennials appreciate 3-4 inches of mulch over the entire root system for best results.
Seed heads remain for the songbirds and winter interest, or prune down in fall for a clean appearance. You can also deadhead the spent flowers using a sharp pair of garden snips. You’ll tidy the plant and encourage more blooming. In early spring, cut the dried stalks back to within an inch above ground level.
Cold Hardy & Heat Tolerant
Widely Adaptable To Any Well-Drained Soil
Moderate to Low Moisture Needs
Drought Tolerant Once Established
Easy to Grow, Great for Beginners
Deer Don’t Tend to Bother This Plant
It’s no secret that professional designers are on the hunt for this variety. If it’s in stock on our site, place your order for Little Suzy Black-Eyed Susan today! Go ahead, make it your mission to make people smile as they walk past your home!