Nocturne Blueberry Bush
Nocturne Blueberry Bush

Nocturne Blueberry Bush


Colorful Berries Nocturne Blueberry Bush Exciting Release from USDA Mid-Season Natural Hybrid Cross of Three Blueberry Varieties Can Be Grown in Frigid Zone 4 Slow to Break Dormancy Resists Late Freezes Incredible Berry Color Starts Coral and Mat

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Colorful Berries Nocturne Blueberry BushExciting Release from USDA
Natural Hybrid Cross of Three Blueberry Varieties
Can Be Grown in Frigid Zone 4
Slow to Break Dormancy
Resists Late Freezes
Incredible Berry Color Starts Coral and Matures to Black
Medium-Sized Fruit is Sweet When Fully Ripe
Incredible Health Benefits
Fresh Eating, Baking and Cooking
Excellent for the Home Garden
Extremely Reliable
Glamorous Landscape Bush
White, Bell-Shaped Blooms in Spring
Glossy, Ovate Foliage
Does Great in Large Outdoor Containers
The United States Department of Agriculture has done it again. Nocturne Blueberry (Vaccinium x ‘Nocturne’ PP #24,832) is an incredibly showy variety with young berries in a hue that ranges from salmon to mango. When ripe, the color deepens to a black in a beautiful display.
With 50 percent Rabbiteye parentage, Northern Highbush Blueberry and a smattering of Hillside Blueberry (Vaccinium constablaei), Nocturne is a modern cultivar. It’s considered the most cold-hardy hybrid Rabbiteye Blueberry in production.
Boost your health with the berries rich levels of anthocyanin flavonoid. You’ll have plenty to enjoy, as Nocturne is a reliable heavy producer.
Sugary-sweet when ripe, Nocturne berries are delicious fresh, for smoothies, salads and in cooking. Race the birds for your serving of homegrown superfruit.
You’ll get a crop with a single plant, but if you include with other varieties, you’ll get bigger yields. Nocturne is absolutely gorgeous, and can pump up the visual appeal of your Kitchen Garden, as well.
Prolific springtime flower power comes from its Rabbiteye parent. Be amazed at the amount of white, bell-shaped blooms that cover the upright, spreading bush.
Glossy leaves look great all summer long. They are densely held and very attractive.
But it’s the berries that grab all the attention. Each cluster has berries in various phases of development, showing a rollicking mix of color.
Edible Landscaping is a huge garden design trend, as people realize how pretty fruiting plants really are. Nocturne is a special variety that can even be used in high-profile areas.
Grow it in the ground,or use in outdoor containers along your balcony or patio. You’ll make people stop for a second look.
Order the exciting Nocturne Blueberry for your space today. We’ll run out quickly.
How to Use Nocturne Blueberry in the LandscapeThese outstanding bushes deliver flowers, foliage and very colorful fruit. Use them to bring an informal structure in Cottage Gardens.
Nocturne would be a wonderful choice for a Children’s Garden. Decorate the back of their play structure, and educate kids in the wonders of nature.
Use in foundation plantings. Yes…you read that correctly. Place a pair of them flanking either side of your front door as a charming conversation-starter.
Add them to a mixed shrub border. Set an incredible theme paired with the multi-colored berries of Brandywine Viburnum.
Frankly, even if you don’t get to the harvest…you’ll be feeding your local birds. They’ll probably let you sneak at least a few, if you hurry.
Blueberries make excellent low hedges, as well. Plant them four to six feet apart on center, measuring from the center of one to the center of the next.
A small space garden can easily grow one or two in containers. Save money at the grocery store by growing your own. The flavor can’t even compete!
#ProPlant Tips for CareBlueberries must have acidic soil with a pH between 4.5 and 5.5 to take up nutrients from the soil and produce berries. Test your soil before you plant Nocturne in the ground.
You’ll likely be fine if you have wild Blueberries in your area. Otherwise, you’ll need to adjust the soil.
Consider digging a trench to adjust conditions at the level of the root zone well in advance of your planting day. Use elemental sulfur and handfuls of peat moss.
In March, keep the pH low by sprinkling sulfur granules around the plants. Test your soil regularly.
If you are renting, or alkaline soil with a pH higher than 5.5grow Nocturne in containers or grow bags. Use a potting soil designed for acid-loving plants.
Get more expert advice for the best yields on our Garden Blog or YouTube channel.
Blueberries perform in either full sun to partial shade. They need at least four hours of sunlight a day, giving preference to morning sun.
Soil should be well-drained, but Blueberries do need consistent weekly moisture during fruit production. Collect neutral pH rainwater to support your berries.
Cut down on surface evaporation with a three-inch layer of mulch with pine straw or bark. Then, pull the mulch back six inches from the stems.
Prune to rejuvenate your bushes in early spring, before the leaves emerge. Trim out the oldest, thickest stems every few years. You’ll leave the young, productive stems in place for a bumper crop.
Nature Hills is thrilled to offer these lovely bushes for sale. Order your Nocturne Blueberry today!