Sauvignon Blanc Grape
Sauvignon Blanc Grape

Sauvignon Blanc Grape


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Beautiful vines and aromatic fruit, the Sauvignon Blanc Grape Vine (Vitis ‘Sauvignon Blanc’) produces fantastic green grapes that are high-quality and vigorous growers. The distinct flavor they impart on the white wine which bears the same name. Ripening and ready to harvest between mid-August and September depending on climate variations, you’ll enjoy naturally sweet homemade fizzy beverages!
Summer brings clusters of flowers that attract swarms of bees and beneficial pollinators! They will help you pollinate these Vines! Sauvignon Blanc Vines are self-fertile and you’ll enjoy a great harvest, but planting multiples of these vines means increased pollination for all!
Sauvignon Blanc Grape Vine’s lush green foliage and strong canes are wonderful backdrops for the white blooms and deep near-black clusters of fruit. They are also used in Mediterranean recipes! Try stuffed grape leaves known as dolmas or dolmades, grape-leaf pickles, and included them in salads.
Planting and Application:Grape Vines are fantastic fruiting Vines to grow on strong supports and add incredible beauty to your landscape in addition to the flavorful fruit. Grow on fencing as backdrops to your gardens, vegetable and herb gardens in the sun. Wildlife love Grapes too, so use bird netting to keep a majority of the fruit for your fermented beverages!
Sauvignon Blanc Grape Vines are amazing dual-purpose edible landscaping specimens, shade, and privacy when you train them over pergolas, arbors and trellis! Train up supports or a lattice to shade a balcony while keeping the roots in a large planter and gain lovely fruitful privacy without sacrificing space!
Lovely Green Grapes & Aromatic White Wine
High-Quality Fruit Makes a Full-Bodied Aromatic Wine
Self-Fertile – Larger Yields With Multiple Plants
Blooms Support Pollinators & Fruit Feeds Wildlife
Privacy, Shade, Wine & Edible Landscaping Vines
#ProPlantTips for Care:Hardy USDA growing zones 6 through 10, Chardonnay Grapes need to be grown in full sun, preferring the morning sun to dry the leaves and fruit of dew. Provide a location with good air circulation. Provide plenty of regular moisture to get your Vines established and they will reward you. These plants appreciate deep, somewhat acidic, well-drained soil. Cover the soil with a 3-4 inch thick layer of mulch, plus provide regular fertility. Prune your Grapevine in late winter or early spring to maintain the shape, size, and vigor of next year’s fruiting wood.
Full Sun & Morning Sunlight
Regular Moisture & Fertility
Best in Rich Well-Drained Soil
Appreciates Mulched Beds
Prune in Late Winter/Early Spring
Low Chill Hours
Vigorous and aromatic, the Sauvignon Blanc Grape Vines are well-known for their lush foliage and flavorful fruit! Order your own vineyard and ornamental edible vines from today!