Triple Crown Thornless Blackberry Bush
Triple Crown Thornless Blackberry Bush

Triple Crown Thornless Blackberry Bush


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Put your sunshine to work with a trifecta of flavor, productivity and vigor. Triple Crown Blackberry (Rubus x ‘Triple Crown’) is a superb thornless Blackberry variety that produces up to 30 pounds of fruit once fully mature! Triple Crown Blackberry becomes a wonderful late-season treat for the entire family. Extend your harvest the easy way with this highly productive, self-pollinating, pest and disease-resistant variety!
A joint introduction by the USDA and Pacific West ARS, Triple Crown extends the season in your backyard orchard! This highly-rated variety allows you to grow your own abundant crop of large, juicy summer-bearing (floricane) Blackberries for fresh eating, baking, freezing and juicing. In addition to the delicious, big, glossy, berries! This is a pretty plant with bright green foliage and white spring blooms.
With a tidy growth habit, Triple Crown Blackberry is easy to keep up! Pick them early for a delicious sweet/tart combination. Or wait until the birds come a-callin’! They know when the fruit is ripe, then hustle out to harvest your share of sugary sweet berries! If you don’t want to share, you may want to invest in some bird netting. But we recommend just buying a couple of extra Blackberry shrubs! You can choose an early and mid-season ripening Bramble to extend your harvest!
Planting and Application:You’ll also add a lovely accent plant in your landscape that increases your food security and works as lovely front and backyard edible landscaping fruit bushes! The bee-friendly white spring blooms and lush foliage create quite the spectacle in the spring and summer, followed by the juicy gleaming jewels in late summer! These thornless canes make harvest a snap – so go ahead and let the kids help without worrying about free acupuncture while harvesting and snacking!
Bird-friendly hedges and property division, Blackberries are great backdrops to veggie and herb gardens and look great as flowering/fruiting anchors to garden beds and borders! Let your landscaping feed you and your family! Great for preserves, pies, fresh eating and desserts, these big juicy berries! The delicious fruits contain a long list of desirable nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and dietary fibers.
Juicy Sugar-Sweet Black Fruit
Excellent Flavor & Size
Highly Productive & Semi-Erect Growth
Improved Late Season Summer-Bearing Floricane
Self-Pollinating White Spring Blooms
Green Textured Foliage & Thornless Canes
#ProPlantTips for Care:Give Bramble plants full sun so they can achieve fruit production in abundance. Space Blackberry plants five feet apart. Leave the new canes in place to fruit for next year. Hardy throughout USDA growing zones 5 through 9! Plant in well-drained soil with moderate moisture throughout the growing and fruiting season. Provide a layer of mulch over the root system to hold in moisture and insulate the roots.
Prune or top new floricanes back to 5-6 feet. Tip prune the canes back once they reach 42 inches to encourage fruiting laterals and maintain the upright, bushy form. Once canes have fruited, and been harvested, cut those canes right down to the root.
Full Sun
Regular Moderate Moisture & Appreciates Mulched Beds
Adaptive to a Variety of Soils
Pest and Disease Resistant
Self-Fertile – Increased Harvest With Multiple Plants
400 – 500 Chill Hours
Please place your order just as soon as you can! People across the country are waking up to the fact that producing fruit from homegrown bushes is an excellent investment in food security! Order Triple Crown Thornless Blackberry from, the small fruit experts!