Triple Treat Buzz™ Butterfly Bush
Perfect Pastels Butterfly Bush

Perfect Pastels Butterfly Bush


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Your garden needs three times the butterfly goodness! Perfect Pastels Butterfly Bush (Buddleia davidii BUZZ ‘Hot Raspberry’, Buddleia davidii BUZZ ‘Ivory’, Buddleia davidii ‘Buzz Lavender’) add a head-turning dash of creamy ivory white, violet lavender, and raspberry magenta to the garden scene! Backed by open and airy branching filled with gray-green foliage, Buddleia is certainly a triple delight of color for your garden!
No need to buy all three plants – they’re already grown together in the same pot for your convenience! The main draw for planting Butterfly Bushes is the sheer number of butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds that will seek out the sweetly fragrant, nectar-rich goodness of these flowering ornamentals! These 3 new hybrid Butterfly Bushes are wonderfully more compact and easier to grow!
Butterfly Bushes can be either hardy shrubs in warm climates, or treated as woody perennials in cooler growing zones. Buzz™ Butterfly Bushes flowering varies a bit later in colder zones, and can be earlier in warmer zones where it can start late spring, or summer, and continue into fall!
A pollinator buffet in the making, Triple Treat is wonderfully adaptable and hardy throughout USDA growing zones 5 to 9, handling chilly winters and full-sun summers like they are nothing! Growing quickly each year into a neat and tidy 3-5 feet in height when in full bloom, but spreading only 2-3 feet in width!
Planting and Application:Buzz™ Butterfly Bushes are must-haves for the pollinator and hummingbird garden! Plant one outside your picture window to watch the show! Better yet, set out a birdbath, a bee watering station, and a few garden benches, and and enjoy front-row seats as the winged visitors arrive in droves! Kids especially love watching these bushes attract tons of wildlife, so set up a tent nearby with binoculars for them to explore their world! You’ll love watching the scented panicles in their perfectly-matched colors fill your garden beds and borders with their showy blooms!
Perfect for the modern small garden, Triple Treat looks fantastic filling your Perennial and Cottage gardens with varied colors! Add one to a Pollinator border, or just show off to the neighborhood with a bird-friendly feeding station, complete with songbird seed, suet, and nectar feeders, birdhouses, and birdbaths! Every winged form of wildlife will make your landscape their favored hangout!
Or add this mounding ornamental shrub to your Rock garden, soften garden corners, or add its dramatic tri-coloration to a sundial or sculpture garden! So go ahead and give up a patch of lawn in place of a berm that highlights this special selection! Don’t forget that these fluffy panicles are lovely in floral arrangements too! Turn any garden into an instant pollinator garden and cut flower garden in a single wave of your garden trowel!
Ivory, Violet & Raspberry Blooms
Fat Fluffy & Full Panicles Packed with Tiny Flowers
Lovely Scented & Nectar Rich Pollinator Magnets!
Attracts Hummingbirds!
Gray-Green Foliage & Airy Branching
Pollinator Gardens, Landscape Accents & Borders
#ProPlantTips For CareBuddleia needs a very sunny, well-drained location. For best results, provide new plants with moderate moisture consistently throughout their first year in the ground, and then only need to add extra water during times of extreme heat and drought. Mulch garden beds with 3-4 inches of arborist bark chips to help maintain consistent soil moisture and insulate the roots.
Deadheading (or pinching back) encourages continuous bloom. Deciduous plants do go dormant in fall, so in early spring, cut all stems down to 6 inches or so and watch as fresh new growth quickly develops when the temperatures warm up in the spring. Rarely damaged by deer unless truly desperate.Full Sun Is Best
Moderate to Lower, Yet Consistent Soil Moisture
Enriched, Very Well-Drained Soil
Winter Protection in Colder Growing Zones
Deadhead Often For Rebloom
Prune Back in Early Spring
Appreciates Mulched Beds
Triple Treat Buzz™ Butterfly Bush is a fantastic new offering from the Buzz™ series introductions produce thick, masses of incredible flowers that continue from late spring into fall. All on a shorter, rounded plant that is constantly pumping out flowers! Order your Triple Treat of white, pink, and violet blooms today from! We guarantee the butterflies will already be lining up as soon as you place your order!