Winterthur Viburnum
Winterthur Viburnum

Winterthur Viburnum


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Turn your landscape into a grand setting for entertaining. Ecologically sound Winterthur Viburnum (Viburnum nudum ‘Winterthur’) is a thoughtful choice that offers interest year-round. Start off spring with lustrous new leaves and a lovely flowering display. Of course, choosing Winterthur Viburnum doesn’t mean a trade-off in terms of beauty. You’ll cherish the faithful performance of these long-lived deciduous accent shrubs.
The butterflies will come to gather nectar from the fragrant clusters of creamy-white blooms. The long-lasting blooms support honey bees and other beneficial insects that play a critical role in our global food web. Winterthur has long been noted for its glossy, textured leaves. Even in dappled shade, they’ll capture, reflect and twinkle in any available light all season long.
Springtime flowers develop over the summer into green berries that color-change from pink to blue. This dynamic presentation is truly exciting to watch! But this special deciduous shrub truly shines starting once the temperatures take a dip in fall. The thick green foliage burnishes to a dramatic burgundy hue for an exceptional fall color display. Mix this special choice with BrandywineÔäó to encourage pollination.
Planting and Application:Reclaim your entire property for satisfying outdoor living, no matter the size. Wend Winterthur hedges through your property to shape and define the space. Excellent screening plant for modern lots and fantastic upright spreading growth habit perfect for shrub borders and backdrops. Sturdy and sophisticated multi-stemmed Viburnum shrubs bring structure and a regal presence to your landscape. No wonder professional designers weave them into their plans!
Winterthur makes an excellent Rain Garden mass planting to filter potentially polluted runoff from roofs and houses. Space them four feet apart for a fast fill. Pollinator plantings, wildlife groupings, and bird-friendly shelterbelts. Songbirds also appreciate the nutrition in these berries. Native to low woods, Viburnum nudem is nicknamed Wild Raisin; and wildcrafters have listed them on edible lists for permaculture plantings. These compact native shrubs also have a beautifully elegant form. They look incredibly capped with snow, even after the foliage has dropped.
Run a double row in a fantastic all├ęe for a moment on the promenade to enter an outdoor kitchen or dining room. Or use them to create garden walls that enclose without becoming oppressive. Don’t forget to include our other special wildlife shrubs for a lasting legacy. You can even grow Winterthur Viburnum in oversized garden containers for many years. Try a series of them placed along the railing of your balcony for privacy and ornamental beauty.
Fragrant, Flat-Topped Clusters of Creamy-White Flowers
Feed Your Spirit, Butterflies & Local Songbirds
Dramatic Berries Start Off Vivid Pink, Then Morph to Brilliant Blue
Glossy, Dark Green Leaves & Excellent Autumn Color
Award-Winning Compact Selection of Native Shrub
#ProPlantTips for Care:Winterthur Viburnum performs well in average garden soil, but also tolerates damp soils. It needs at least four hours of sunlight a day to stay happy and healthy. Don’t plant too close to walls, as they appreciate good air circulation. It can be grown in either full sun or partial shade without much fuss, muss, or maintenance.
Wait until after the flowers are finished to correct any branching. Please plan for their eventual mature height and width to avoid pruning for size control. They flower on last year’s growth, so don’t delay too long to prune crossing or broken branches. Develop a pruning plan and avoid taking off too much…you’d hate to risk losing the gorgeous berries for the year. Instead, Renewal prune every 3 – 4 years by removing the oldest fattest stems to the ground and encouraging new growth still enjoy the berries.
For the best berry production, plant several Winterthur or include BrandywineÔäó Viburnum in your planting scheme.
Grow in Full Sun To Part Shade
No Significant Pests or Diseases
Wonderful Selection for Low-Lying, Moist Soils
Adaptable Handles Tough Sites, Clay & Compacted Soil
Easy to Grow, Juglone Tolerant & Deer Resistant
Delight in the many charms of Winterthur Viburnum. It’s a rock-solid choice with great fall color that you can count on, year after year. Winterthur Viburnum is beloved by plant experts the world over. Nature Hills Nursery has limited inventory and does sell out quickly. Please order enough to complete your entire project today!
Frequently Asked QuestionsDoes the Winterthur Viburnum Produce Fruit?The Winterthur will produce ornamental pinkish-purple fruit, but for the best display, plant with another Viburnum nudum nearby.
Do Winterthur Viburnum Bushes Spread?The Winterthur Viburnum creates thickets by producing suckers.
Do Winterthur Shrubs Lose Their Leaves in Winter?The Winterthur is a deciduous shrub that will drop its leaves each fall.
How tall is the Winterthur Viburnum?The mature height of the Winterthur in optimal conditions is around 5-6 feet in height and 4-6 feet in width.
Will Winterthur grow in the shade?This Viburnum needs to be planted in full sun and partial shade to achieve the strongest growth, best color, and flowering.
How do you care for a Viburnum Bush?These are incredibly easy-care shrubs that need a sunny, moderately moist environment. Well-drained enriched soil and mulched beds are preferred.
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