New Dawn Climbing Rose
New Dawn Climbing Rose

New Dawn Climbing Rose


The New Dawn Climbing Rose (Rose ‘New Dawn’), is a strong grower and is unusually hardy and disease resistant . New Dawn has long been a favorite Climbing Rose and is considered to be one of the best repeat bloomers! New Dawn Roses have 3-inch double p

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The New Dawn Climbing Rose (Rose ‘New Dawn’), is a strong grower and is unusually hardy and disease resistant. New Dawn has long been a favorite Climbing Rose and is considered to be one of the best repeat bloomers! New Dawn Roses have 3-inch double pink, sweetly fragrant flowers that fade to soft pink and are carried over a long season.
It has healthy, dark green foliage and is a Rose with few faults and a long flowering season, even carrying a few blooms in the winter. It blooms in the spring and repeats in the summer. The upright canes hold the season-long blooms closer to nose and eye level, and also give the Butterflies that will flock to this Rose for the sweet nectar easier access.
The New Dawn was a World Federation of Rose Society Hall of Fame inductee in 1997. New Dawn is also a sport of Rose Dr. W. Van Fleet Rose and was introduced in 1930. Vigorous and hardy throughout USDA growing zones 5 through 9 and grow to 8 – 12 feet in height and only 3-5 feet in width.
Planting and Application:This magnificent classic Climbing Rose can grace walls, fences and pagodas, happily climbing on any framework provided, adding structural and far-reaching color and deep leafy green architectural structure to your garden! Use this beautiful subtle pink Rose on arbors, pergolas, and trellises where it seems to be illuminated against the darker green foliage. Space saving in width to easily add height to beds and borders as both a backdrop plant on a fence to hide eyesores.
Dress up a modern cottage garden with these darling baby pink accents or add a soft and feminine column to a cut flower garden or perennial border that acts like a torch among the other ornamentals! You’ll love filling vases indoors with these brilliant cupped blooms too! Pollinators and bees are drawn to the nectar and flock to these blossoms all growing season! Grow one over a garden bench so you can watch them buzz and flutter from flower to flower!
Be sure to include New Dawn’s lush foliage and returning flowers as a vertical anchor on a planting beds corner, train over a bower, add height with an obelisk in the middle of your front yard berm, or add pinpoint shade from the sun!
Create screening and living fences with these densely branched canes and you’ll enjoy old-fashioned Rose ‘wallpaper’ around your outdoor garden room! You’ll also enjoy sipping your favorite beverage under a shady wall filled with soft pink blooms in a private garden nook, or at a bistro set under a flowering arbor!
Soft Pink Double Blooms
Sweetly Fragranced & Repeat Flowering
Adored by Beneficial Pollinators & Elegant Cut Flowers
Vigorous Upright Climbing Vines
Living Walls, Privacy & Screening, Planters & Upright Garden Décor
#ProPlantTips for Care:New Dawn has the strongest canes and the most blooms in full sun, favoring the drying powers of the morning sun. Plant in enriched, average to medium, well-drained soils and moisture during the summer heat. For optimum flowering and disease resistance, New Dawn should be planted in areas with good air circulation. Be sure to add a 3-4 inch layer of arborist mulch to retain moisture.
Full Sun Lover
Moderate Regular Moisture & Mulched Beds
Any Well-Drained Enriched Soil
Prune Early Spring
Heat Tolerant & Cold Hardy
How to Train Climbing RosesPruning should not be done during the first two years, since Climbing Roses need time to build flowering Rose canes. Read more about pruning Roses, winterizing Roses, and un-wintering in spring in our #ProPlantTips Garden Blog!
Select several canes to become the structural foundation of your beautiful Climbing Rose. The structural canes will grow thick for several years before you replace them.
Horizontal branches produce the most flowers, so tie the secondary canes at 90 to 45-degree angles. Use stretchy landscape ties or old pantyhose to loop around the cane and your support.
Prune Roses in early spring to remove any dead or damaged branches. Cut your secondary canes down to 6 – 8 inches above a bud, but keep your structural support canes in place.
Rejuvenate the structural canes every three years. Because Climbing Roses bloom on last year’s canes, you’ll wait until the first flush of flowers are finished.
Trim the thick old structural canes out at ground level at that time. Then, select a new set of canes to become your structural support.
Pretty as a picture, the luminescent bright yet light pink of these subtle and elegant blooms will delight you all growing season! Hurry and order your own New Dawn Climbing Rose today from!
Rose Bush FAQsWhere Is The Best Place To Plant Rose Bushes?Rose bushes prefer full sun and favor the drying power of the morning sun and flower best in at least 6 hours of direct sunlight a day. Choose a location in good, enriched soil that drains well and has good air circulation.
What Is The Best Month to Plant Roses?You can plant Roses any time if you are able to provide enough consistent moisture and attention. While there is not a specific month that is best, generally because it changes with temperatures, climate and growing zone. However, the easiest times of the year to get Rose bushes established in your landscape are in spring after the last frost date, and in fall about 4-6 weeks before the first frost.
Do Rose Bushes Come Back Every Year?Rose bushes are deciduous woody perennial shrubs and will return bigger and better each year.
How Do I Find Rose bushes for Sale Near Me?Make your life easier and your yard happier by shopping for Roses at online nursery. You will find a massive selection of Rose bushes for sale, including many lovely Climbing varieties!
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