Mount Everest Allium
Mount Everest Allium

Mount Everest Allium


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Is that Mount Everest in the distance or just Mount Everest Alliums (Allium ‘Mount Everest’)? Like their namesake, these alliums soar to unimaginable heights. These fun and fanciful flowers look like snow globes or a vision from a fairytale. Each flower sports several stamens that stick out beyond its petals, giving this fun plant a fluffy appearance from afar.
The Mount Everest Allium’s sturdy stalks then take on the feat of holding up spheres of dozens of petite and darling white blooms. Mount Everest Alliums make a statement as cut floral bouquets or among other plants in the garden. Your local pollinators will be coming in for visits as well! As a late-spring-through-early-summer bloom, this wondrous Allium is a great way to fill in your spring garden’s blooming gap.
The strappy green clumps of upright foliage appear with the spring-flowering bulbs and provide great backdrop contrast to their blooms. Towering above most plants, reaching over three feet at times. Not only are these seedheads giants but they also last and last through until early summer! Many Alliums will stay in flower for weeks, beginning in late spring. There’s no need to worry about these incredible blooms going to seed after either!
Planting and Application:The sturdy flowering stems soon appear and look like fireworks rising above your other garden plants! Their spectacular height makes them perfect for height in your cottage garden or as an accent behind lower-growing flowers and foliage! Create incredible container gardens with these vertical thrillers, even a window box or planter will become fanciful with these additions! Any sunny patio planter, balcony, or terrace garden becomes something magical!
They add height as a back border or as an accent for architectural interest. Plus Globemaster Allium is an absolute must for Rock gardens, Cottage gardens, or gardens where kids are invited to play and learn. Even once dried on the plant, the seed heads have remarkable form and texture among summer flowers and bulbs! Try spray painting them in contrasting colors to add whimsy to your planting beds all season long!
Make a statement by lining the path to your door with Alliums, your guests will feel like they entered a fantasy land! Formal in structure and stature, plant evenly distributed clumps in front of a backdrop of evergreens or in rows along your paths and walkways. Pair these with Pinball Wizards for a fun spring display and be prepared to hear comments like “Oh Wow!” and “That’s so cool!”.
Massive Round Heads of White Florets!
Hardy Flowering Perennial Bulb
Extremely Tall Showy Stalks!
Great in Containers & Floral Bouquets
Back of the Border, Specimen & Verticle Eye-Catching Color
#ProPlantTips for Care:These showy and fun Alliums reach their full potential in full sun and fast-draining soil. These puffy plants may seem like they’re ready to melt like snow off a mountain climber’s snowsuit, but they’re anything but short-lived or fragile. Their blooms last for weeks and they naturalize and spread over time. Fall-planted bulbs need well-drained soil with moderate moisture needs. Any soil type is suitable so long as it is not soggy and add bulb fertilizer to each hole for best results. Deadhead after flowers fade, but let the leaves remain so they can make food for the bulb and next year’s flowers! Once the foliage yellows in the summer or fall, you can then prune it to the ground.
Full Sun For Strongest Growth
Well-Drained Soil
Moderate Moisture Needs
Deadhead After Flowers Fade & Prune Mounds After Leaves Yellow
Deer Seldom Bother Them
Don’t miss your chance to fill your garden with one of the most fun choices for spring. The Mount Everest Allium is ready to go on an adventure with you. Orders your expedition into Alliums, now. Nature Hills will ship your bulbs based on the correct planting time for your area.