Persica Fritillaria
Persica Fritillaria

Persica Fritillaria


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Tall brooding burgundy towers, the Persica Fritillaria (Fritillaria Imperialis ‘Persica’) is a bit different than its cousins! But we love it all the same! Tall flower spikes full of deep dark red bells that open in turn from the bottom up, add depth and mystery to your landscape!
Persica features a lance-shaped green leafy fringe that lines the entire rest of the stem that can reach 30 inches in height, shooting above a mound of more lance leaves! Butterflies and bees will flock to these towering blooms and you’ll love the drama they add to your garden, container displays, and floral arrangements!
Persica Fritillaria is hardy throughout USDA growing zones 4 to 8 and looks way more tropical than it should for a cold hardy perennial flowering bulb! Fast-growing and very easy to grow these low-maintenance mid-spring ephemerals form colonies and naturalize politely throughout the sunny landscape.
Planting and Application:Fritillaria are must-haves for poolside and Rock Garden displays, as curiosities at the back of the garden border, or adding a tropical element to modern, architectural plantings. Best in rows and groupings, these bulbs mingle with Hollyhocks, and Allium, each playing off their whimsical looks against each other beautifully!
Persica Fritillaria makes a superior accent plant! They are architectural vertical elements, dramatic thrillers in pots and planters around sunny porches, become unique accents in front porch urns, or unique features in mixed planters on a sunny deck that pollinators will be drawn to!
Vertical Flower Spikes of Burgundy Bells
Low-Growing Clumps & Slender Green Foliage
Pollinator Friendly & Amazing Cut Flowers!
Naturalizing & Low-Maintenance
Fall-Planted, Early Spring-Flowering Perennial
Early Spring Color, Beds & Borders & Containers
#ProPlantTips for Care:Fritillaria are easy-to-care-for perennial bulb plants! They must have well-drained soil and lots of sunshine all growing season but can handle partial sun in hotter growing zones. In colder zones, plant deeper and mulch well so they can survive the winter. Add bulb fertilizer to each hole for best results and provide moderate moisture during the growing season. Deer and rodent resistant, there are no pests or disease issues to worry about. In fact, their only issue is with soggy soil that will rot the bulbs. Deadhead once the flowers fade but keep the leaves to make food for the bulbs, then prune them back when the foliage yellows.
Full Sun or Partial Shade
Moderately Moist Well-Drained Soil
Deadhead After Bloom, Prune to Ground When Leaves Yellow
Very Cold & Heat Hardy
Deer & Rodent Resistant
Order the unique Persica Fritillaria and enjoy their unique tropical beauty in your landscape! Be ready for tons of questions from the neighbors! Nature Hills will ship your bulbs based on the correct planting time for your growing zone!