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Red Onion bulb packs (Allium cepa ‘Red’) are a fantastic all-round vegetable for all of the Onion lovers out there! This deep Red Onion is healthy, crisp, and sweet. Similar to Yellow Onions, they are slightly milder when served raw! The deep color makes them the first pick for those who love presentation and attraction with their foods!
You’ll be able to add onions and flavor to all sorts of food at home! You’ll grow enough for the whole family. Imagine some delicious, homemade French Onion soup or flavorful and colorful additions to salads and soup! Even the greens can be used as garnish and edibles, in fact, all parts of this plant are edible and impart the onion flavor. The blooms are even edible and look great as a garnish and feed the bees and butterflies when you allow them to bloom.
These Red Onions grow fast and are fully mature around 100 days! You’ll be satisfied with the production and speed of these delicious edible bulbs! Hardy annual vegetables throughout all growing zones, Onions are often perennial in mild winter growing zones. This Onion will develop into plump globes and are slightly ovular and will be ready to harvest in late spring or summer depending upon when you planted them.
Planting and Application:You can plant other vegetables near the onions as it only offers benefits to others! Plant between rows of garden vegetables or in the front of the border of your herb garden. You can even create groupings in your sunny kitchen garden and container gardens! Companion plants in the garden are Cabbage, Leeks, Tomatoes, Cauliflower, Lettuce, and Collards!
Red Onions are also good for you! They contain antioxidants and compounds that can lower heart disease risk and protect against blood clots. Cooked, pickled, fried, baked, and sauteed, Onions are highly versatile recipe additions! Create decorative Onion braids in your kitchen and give them as gifts!
White Blooms & Green Tubular Foliage
Dark Red-Purple Bulbs Full of Flavor – All Parts Edible
100-115 Days Till Maturity
Flowers Attract Pollinators
Can Be Grown in Containers, Kitchen, Veggie & Herb Gardens
#ProPlantTips for Care:The Red Onion is easy to care for! This is a great plant to put in a beginner garden, especially if you want to start providing food for the family. Plant the Red Onion in a full sun location as this is their ideal location to be happy and grow to their fullest. Simply till or fluff your soil then plant your onions a few inches apart. Water your Onions regularly. This will ensure consistent moisture so the Onion doesn’t dry out and be sure to not overwater. You can always use the Finger Test to see if the soil is dry or not. Put your finger in the soil near the Onion. If it’s dry, give it a little soak for the day!
It is best to wait to harvest the large onions until their foliage browns. Once their tops wilt and turn brown, it’s time to harvest your sweet, stunning onions. Locate the onions beneath the dried foliage, then gently pry them out with a spade or spading fork. You can let them sit on top of the soil in the sun for a few days to help dry the roots down before tying the tops together in bunches and hanging them to dry in your garage to hand for a while. Then store until you’re ready to eat.
Easy to Grow in Full Sun
Moderately Moist Well-Drained Soil
Plant in Early Spring
Harvest When Tops Brown
Hardy Perennial in USDA growing zones 3 through 9
You can plant your Onions in early spring once the ground isn’t frozen. However, we have a general rule: If we ship it, you can plant it! Order your Red Onion sets at today!