Rosy Dream Allium
Rosy Dream Allium

Rosy Dream Allium


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Violet-pink round blooms, the Rosy Dream Allium (Allium ‘Rosy Dream’) will have you seeing shooting stars! These more petite-sized Alliums have radiant little fizzy mid-late spring blooms comprised of tightly packed, and uniformly rounded clusters of tiny florets!
The bees and butterflies will adore these blooms as much as you will! The blushed color and lovely green foliage and hollow stems and leaves are throwbacks to their Onion family relations. But you won’t cry when you smell these blooms! In fact, they don’t smell at all. You’ll only smell the oniony scent unless you crush or cut the foliage.
Growing 14-16 inches tall, these are space-saving little clumping bulbs that naturalize when allowed. Also known as the Star of Persia, Rosy Dream Allium is cold-hardy and heat-tolerant throughout USDA growing zones 4 to 8. Deer, rodents, squirrels, pests, and diseases usually don’t bother these easy-going flowering perennial bulbs!
Planting and Application:Rosy Dream Allium works as a mid-tier border or corner accent in most garden beds or even planters. They prefer full-fun and well-drained soil but are happy to grow alongside other spring bulbs. You don’t have to worry about the massive ball of blooms scaring off pollinators, they love them! They naturally perennialize and return each year to maintain their position in the heart of your garden.
Allium is also a great choice when you have limited square footage to spare. If you want a truly fantastic show, you can mix with other perennials, bulbs of both spring and summer flowering varieties, and even shrubs! Their polite spreading mingles throughout the cottage border, Children’s Garden, Cut Flower gardens, and anywhere you need some fantastic pops of color without taking up any room!
Rosy Pink Blooms Packed With Small Florets
Bright Green Foliage Clumps
Summer Flowering Ornamental Onion
Pollinator & Amazing Cut Flowers
Great in Containers, Back Border, Vertical Interest & Specimens
#ProPlantTips for Care:You’ll have the most blooms in full sun when grown in cooler climates and appreciating partial shade (afternoon shade) in hot climates, any rich, well-drained soil is perfect for Allium. Fall-planted bulbs need moderate moisture needs. Any soil type is suitable so long as it is not soggy and add bulb fertilizer to each hole for best results. Despite being a member of the Onion family, there is no Onion smell unless the foliage is broken or crushed. Deadhead to remove spent blooms or try this trick – spray paint the dried seed heads any color you choose for unique garden décor for the rest of the summer and fall!
Full Sun For Strongest Growth
Well-Drained Soil Of Any Kind
Moderate Moisture Needs
Deadhead After Flowers Fade & Prune Mounds After Leaves Yellow
Squirrels, Rodents & Deer Seldom Bother These Plants
Wake up and make your dreams come true! The Rosy Dream Allium will add its rosy tinted blooms to your garden and add the finishing touch to your garden! Order now at Nature Hills before they are gone!