Schubertii Allium
Schubertii Allium

Schubertii Allium


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Among Alliums and other garden flowers, the Schubertii Allium (Allium ‘Schubertii’) sure stands out. This festive and firework-like display of florets is ideal for making a statement and celebrating all that spring has to offer! From the Schubertii Allium’s umbel, you’ll find each tiny mulberry-colored bloom has its own stem of varying length and each has a charming green center. Just imagine the one-of-a-kind floral bouquets you’ll create with these snazzy blossoms!
Because each tiny floret has a mind of its own, they bloom from late spring into early summer. And after the blooms fade, the fantastic and fun seed head remains. Often called “the Tumbleweed Onion,” it is easy to fall in love with this eccentric beauty. While it may look like it got its inspiration from the punk era, this heirloom Allium was actually introduced in the late 19th century.
The Schubertii Allium is happy to add height to your spring bulb planting. Atop tall, strong stems, the Schubertii Allium’s seed head sparks a symphony of fun flowers that will entice you to come in close to examine just how complex yet impressive this Allium is. Unlike many of the other large-blooming Alliums, the Schubertii Allium’s florets don’t follow the rules. They shoot outward at seemingly random lengths for a radiating show!
Planting and Application:It also gains a lot of attention as a front or middle planting. Create incredible container gardens with these vertical thrillers, even a window box or planter will become fanciful with these additions! Any sunny patio planter, balcony, or terrace garden becomes something magical! Your guests will feel like they entered a fantasy land! Your local pollinators will be coming in for visits as well!
For formal plantings, Alliums are amenable to more structured and with architectural stature. Plant evenly distributed clumps in front of a backdrop of evergreens or in rows along your paths and walkways! They add height as a back border or as an accent for architectural interest. Create a fun garden by spray painting these seed heads in colorful paint to create unique garden ‘art’! Plus Globemaster Allium is an absolute must for Rock gardens, Cottage gardens, or gardens where kids are invited to play and learn.
A Floral Firework Show!
Violet & Dramatic Florets With Long Floret Stalks
Easy to Grow Heirloom Variety
Pollinator-Friendly & Amazing Cut Flowers
Great in Containers, Back Border, Vertical Interest & Specimens!
#ProPlantTips for Care:Where does such a composer of smiles deserve to be planted? The Schubertii likes full or partial sun and well-drained soil. Fall-planted bulbs need well-drained soil with moderate moisture needs. Any soil type is suitable so long as it is not soggy and add bulb fertilizer to each hole for best results. Their blooms last for weeks and they naturalize and spread over time unless you deadhead after the flowers fade. Deadhead after flowers fade, but let the leaves remain so they can make food for the bulb and next year’s flowers! Once the foliage yellows in the summer or fall, you can then prune it to the ground.
Full Sun For Strongest Growth
Well-Drained Soil
Moderate Moisture Needs
Deadhead After Flowers Fade & Prune Mounds After Leaves Yellow
Deer Seldom Bother Them
Are you ready for a symphony of fun and delight as spring turns into summer? Order your Schubertii Alliums today! We will ship your bulbs based on the correct planting time for your area.