Serendipity Allium
Serendipity Allium

Serendipity Allium


Extraordinary Color, Form Serendipity Allium Showy Globe-Shaped Blooms Rosy-Purple Pom-Poms Held High on Sturdy Stems Star of Summer Garden Excellent Tightly Upright Habit Strappy, Blue-Green Foliage Forms Formal, Narrow Mound Butterfly Magnet Gr

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Extraordinary Color, Form Serendipity AlliumShowy Globe-Shaped Blooms
Rosy-Purple Pom-Poms Held High on Sturdy Stems
Star of Summer Garden
Excellent Tightly Upright Habit
Strappy, Blue-Green Foliage Forms Formal, Narrow Mound
Butterfly Magnet
Grow in Containers
Long-Lasting Cut Flowers
Deer and Rabbits Tend to Leave Them Alone
Waterwise Once Established
Perennial Comes Back Year After Year
Can Be Divided Over Time to Expand Your Planting
Cold Hardy
Deer and Rabbits Tend to Leave it Alone
Create a fantasy world steps from your back door! Delight in the unexpected and let your creativity soar, as you unwind in a personal paradise.
Rely on the quirky charm of Serendipity Allium (Allium x ‘Serendipity’ PP# 32023). These gorgeously tough perennials perform faithfully for you each year. And what a show!
All season, you’ll enjoy an attractive mound of healthy, blue-green foliage. These narrow, formal clumps bring a polished presentation to your plantings.
Starting in mid-summer, watch for long wands to emerge from the crown topped with a flower bud. These sturdy stems become a proud sculptural accent.
You’ll be thrilled to watch as the blooms open into a wide purple fireworks display! They stay beautiful for weeks from mid-season through late summer.
Kids love watching these “Dr. Suess” plants sway in the breeze. You’ll want to grow plenty to have flowers to cut for ultra-modern indoor bouquets.
Butterflies adore their nectar-rich flower heads. You’ll feel great about your choice to support the needs of our precious ecology.
Each compact Serendipity Allium produces many flowers. They’ll look incredible en masse, and suit many different garden styles…from minimalist to Cottage.
Best of all? These cute perennial plants are so easy to grow!
Serendipity is drought tolerant, cold hardy and rabbit resistant. It delivers a reliable performance as a noteworthy accent at a time of year when other plants have finished.
Selected as a sport of the popular ‘Millenium’ Allium, Serendipity features beautiful bluish foliage and flowers that are a rosy-purple.
It’s no surprise that our expertly grown Serendipity Allium plants are in high demand. People across the country cherish their funky flower form and formal foliage. Order yours today!
How to Use Serendipity Allium in the LandscapeIf you love the look of these special plants, start a collection. You can enjoy many months of Allium blooms by simply including our wide catalog of different varieties.
They’ll make a spectacular border along the “company side” of your Victory Garden. Use them to bring beneficial pollinators for bigger yields during your first or second planting.
Plant them ten inches apart, measuring from the middle of one plant to the middle of the next. You’ll effortlessly create a solid ribbon of color.
Decorate your existing plantings. Let your imagination go wild!
Repeat them as beautiful punctuation to keep the eye moving along the length of your border. They’ll grow in either full sun or partial shade.
Pair them with a backdrop of Roses to tell a ‘Beauty and the Beast’ garden story. Or, let them jazz up the sunny side of a decades-old Yew hedge in your foundation planting.
Pop them in your container gardens. Plant several of them together as a dramatic single species, then move their pot front and center during their bloom.
Did you know that Alliums are also called “Ornamental Onions”? Create an elegant potted display to decorate your outdoor dining room table. They’ll stay low enough to see across the table.
Going to a dinner party? Potted Serendipity Allium makes very appropriate Hostess Gifts, as well.
#ProPlantTips for CareProvide Serendipity Allium full sun to partial shade, with at least four hours of sun a day. They do best in well-drained soil. Grow in containers if your soil stays damp or wet after a rain.
Get their roots established with a moderate amount of water on a regular basis.They will become waterwise over time.
Trim them back in late winter. Divide them every few years using a sharp spade. Replant them about a foot apart to expand the row.
Delight in the allure of Serendipity Allium. Order these enchanting additions to your summer season now!