Yellow Shallots
Yellow Shallots

Yellow Shallots


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Shallots are about to become your newest go-to secret ingredient! Raw or cooked, Yellow Shallots (Allium cepa var. aggregatum) are versatile, scrumptious, and perfect for foodies and cooks looking to elevate their dishes and tantalize their tastebuds. Yellow Shallots are one of the more expensive produce products you can buy at the grocery store.
Fortunately, it is completely worth it to grow your own! Growing Shallots allows you to enjoy the process from the time you prepare your soil to the time you take your last bite of a well-cooked dish. Not only are the Garlic cloves edible, but also the leaves, scapes, and flowers too! The bees will adore the blooms as well!
Like Garlic, Shallots produce 3 to 4 cloves per head, which can be stored for future dishes after harvest. If you live in USDA growing zones 2-5, you should plant them two to four weeks before your average last frost date in early spring. Gardeners in hardiness zones 6-10 can also plant Shallot sets 2-4 weeks before the average last frost date in the spring, or they can plant the Shallots in the fall after the first frost occurs.
Planting and Application:Yellow Shallots are known for their crisp texture and onion-zing that doesn’t have the same after-burn as larger Onion varieties. In any recipe that calls for Onions, you can substitute Yellow Shallots for a richer flavor and crispness! You can enjoy your Shallot tops as Green Onions or wait for their bulbs to become full-grown. Shallots offer a bold flavor that will liven up any salad, sandwich, or another dish that calls for raw Onion. They add a sweet, rich flavor when sauteed and alongside your favorite veggies or meat.
Plant these space-saving bulbs and their large cloves in your kitchen garden for easy access to flavorful cooking and garnish. Tuck in groupings or in rows throughout Herb gardens and are no-brainers for the Veggie garden too! Even container gardeners can grow Garlic in their mixed planters and in containers too!
Richly Flavored Bulbs
90 Days to Maturity
Excellent Crisp Texture – Great Cooked or Raw
Easy to Grow – Matures in Approximately 100 Days
All Parts Edible – Greens, Scapes, Flowers & Bulbs
Containers, Sunny Gardens & Space-Saving Use
#ProPlantTips for Care:For best performance, plant your Yellow Shallots in full sun. They prefer loose soil that drains well. Separate and plant your cloves an inch deep and 6 inches apart in rows one foot apart. Multiple bulbs will develop at the soil’s surface from this one bulb. Lightly water around your shallots during dry spells, keeping the soil lightly moist but not wet. Your Yellow Shallots will be ready when their leaves begin to die back and turn from yellow to brown. When they reach the yellow phase, discontinue watering your garden.
Full Sun
Moderately Moist Well-Drained Soil
Plant in Fall – Harvest in Spring/Summer
Good Storage Life
Low Maintenance & Easy to Grow
Yellow Shallots aren’t just fun to grow, they’re an unbeatable ingredient. Order yours in time to meet your zone’s optimal fall planting time and Nature Hills will ship your Shallots right on time!