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Great in the garden and in the kitchen, Society Garlic (Tulbaghia violacea) is a little wisp of a plant that makes a big impact! A handful of strappy leaves – five or six – grow about a foot long from the little bulbs – hardly enough to garner a second look. But several of them together can look like a much larger plant!
The good news is that Society Garlic spread rapidly and easily to forms little colonies – or ‘societies’ – and look like a million bucks in your garden! The leaves have a soft garlic smell – not overpowering like real garlic, but it is there. The flowers aren’t garlic-scented – they can actually smell faintly sweet. They grow on long, stalks and are violet-colored. Forming umbels of 7 to 20 little florets. Pollinators adore these blooms and you will too when you add them to your bouquets!
Both the leaves and the flowers are edible! Chop up the leaves to add a softer garlic taste to stir-fries and soups or use the flowers to bring unexpected color to summer salads. This plant looks great with other Herbs like low-growing Rosemary, Shrubby Thymes or dark-colored Basils. They even do great in containers!
Planting and Application:Garlic develops best if the bulbs are separated into individual cloves and planted in the fall. Position individual cloves so they can develop in a 3-4 inch area. Put the pointed side up into the loosened soil and cover with an inch or two of soil and water in well.
Each clove will grow until the soil freezes just like Tulip bulbs do. Then in the spring, your Garlic plants start growing into nice, large heads of garlic that can be harvested in July or so depending on your climate.
Ornamental Garden & Culinary Herb
Easy Care
Forms Neat Spreading Colonies
Scented Leaves
Soft Violet Blooms
#ProPlantTips for Care:These full sun plants do great in well-drained soil and raised beds that are in full sun. Careful attention to water during establishment and during drought is needed, otherwise, these perennials need moderate moisture and fertility.
Full Sun
Well-Drained Soil & Water During Drought
Hardy Zones 7 & up/Annual in Colder Zones
Deer Resistant
Society Garlic is a time-tested flower from South Africa that will do very well in your warm-weather garden. Order several from us today to start your own ‘society’ of Society Garlic!