Gold® Collection Pink Frost Lenten Rose
Gold® Collection Pink Frost Lenten Rose

Gold® Collection Pink Frost Lenten Rose


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Simply gorgeous Gold® Collection Pink Frost Lenten Rose (Helleborus ‘Pink Frost’ PP# 21063) gives you something to look forward to all winter! These stunning, color-changing blooms start off a luminous pale pink atop reddish stems and red-edged, serrated foliage! The outward-facing pink flowers make it so easy to enjoy their charms!
Although they look tender, these rugged herbaceous perennial Hellebores are actually tough as nails! Best of all, these stunning plants give you colorful flowers at an otherwise bleak time of year. These welcome flowers start in late winter, and last all the way through early spring!
Free-flowering and cold-hardy Pink Frost can provide up to 60 blooms on average per mature plant! That’s loads of nectar-rich blooms for early emerging pollinators and for much-needed early spring bouquets! Each bloom is accented with a magically intricate center of stamens and anthers.
Gold® Collection Pink Frost Lenten Rose delivers a magical experience for you and your guests to enjoy. Compact, upright mounds of dark green foliage provide a perfect counterpoint. Palmately compound leaves show off five thick, serrated leaflets. With a wonderfully uniform shape, Lenten Roses bring a sophisticated fill long past the blooming time, too!
Planting and Application:They make a marvelous addition with spring-flowering bulbs in a high-profile spot with partial shade. Plant around water features and moist shade gardens where they can soak up the rich organic environments, and be used as fringe around larger shade garden plants like Ferns and Hosta. The foliage is the perfect complement to Bleeding Hearts and Astilbe!
Create groupings of Helleborus with spring ephemerals like Muscari and Snowdrops for a refreshing break from the winter doldrums! Mingle among Dwarf Iris and Crocus for that burst of color and food for pollinators emerging early in the spring. Beneficial pollinators certainly love their nectar. This early-blooming plant is a mainstay in Pollinator Gardens, tucked under the dappled shade of taller flowering shrubs.
The foliage can remain semi-evergreen in warmer climates and mild winters, so use this lush green fringe as edging and in groupings to highlight later emerging plants with a leafy skirt! Tuck into Cottage borders, meditation gardens, wildflower berms and of course – cut flower gardens for loads of early bouquet additions to go with your forced Forsythia stems!
Gold® Collection Pink Frost Lenten Roses makes a very lovely choice for a gift plant! They are perfect for beginning gardeners, and a fan favorite with plant connoisseurs alike!
Long-Lasting, Pale Pink Blooms from Late Winter Through Early Spring
Excellent Early Nectar for Pollinators
Mounding Shape & Lusciously Dark Green Foliage
Use as Lovely Cut Flowers
Compact Focal Point
#ProPlantTips for Care:Easy-care Gold® Collection Lenten Roses are long-lived perennials that return for you again and again, getting bigger and better with each passing season. Helleborus are deep-rooted, stout plants and can also be kept in large garden containers with well-drained soil and winter protection in the coldest climates. Clean and prune mounds after the flowers bloom in the spring.
Grows in Partial Shade!
Regular Moisture & Organically Enriched Well-Drained Soil
Easy Care & Low Maintenance
Clean Mounds After Flowering
Cold-Hardy & Heat Tolerant
Deer & Rabbits Rarely Bother This Plant
Early spring has never looked better! Place your order for the exquisite Gold® Collection Pink Frost Lenten Rose from the expert growers at Nature Hills Nursery today!