September Charm Anemone
September Charm Anemone

September Charm Anemone


Easy Breezy Pink September Charm Windflower Gorgeous Silvery-Pink Flowers With Deep Rose Blush Flower Power from Summer to Fall Blooms Held on Long Stems that Dance in the Wind Cute Yellow Centers Add Delightful Touch Beautiful in Cut Flower Arrang

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Easy Breezy Pink September Charm WindflowerGorgeous Silvery-Pink Flowers With Deep Rose Blush
Flower Power from Summer to Fall
Blooms Held on Long Stems that Dance in the Wind
Cute Yellow Centers Add Delightful Touch
Beautiful in Cut Flower Arrangement
Outstanding Late Season Nectar Support Butterflies and Beneficial Pollinators
Fine-Textured, Dark Green Foliage
Spreads Wide for Groundcover
Performs in Full Sun or Part Shade
“Filler” in Large Containers
Deer and Rabbits Seldom Damage Them
Very Cold Hardy
Widely Adaptable
Resists Leaf Spot and Powdery Mildew
Life is good with a well-appointed, easy-care garden to enjoy! We’re so pleased to offer durable plants that perform beautifully throughout the year
Appreciate the delights of September Charm Windflower (Anemone x ‘September Charm’) with their late season blooms from late summer through fall. The silvery-pink single blooms are pretty as a picture and work to usher in the beauty of fall each year.
The lateness of these showy blooms is a very welcome attribute. September Charm Windflower starts their display when most other perennials are finished for the summer.
Spreading wide to cover bare ground is also a valuable trait. Plan for their mature spread and you’ll rest easy with a happy blanket of color to wrap up a fun growing season.
This choice also helps hungry butterflies and beneficial pollinators, who visit several times each day to gather the nectar. Plant several September Charm Windflowers, so you can sneak a few flowers for indoor arrangements.
Study each cup-shaped flower and you’ll be amazed by the rich, yet clear hues of pink with a silver overcast and enchanting blush. The centers “pop” with a bold ring of upright yellow stamens.
Rising above a healthy mound of dark green, dissected leaves…Windflowers bend and sway on their supple, slender stems. You can watch the wind as they ride on the air currents.
And although these fanciful flowers bring an ethereal look to your landscape…don’t let their tender beauty fool you. This improved cultivar is cold-hardy and extremely durable.
Long-lived September Charm gives many benefits for home gardens and commercial properties. Keep them consistently moist for best performance in either full sun or partial shade.
Even beginners can realize success with this desirable perennial. Deer and rabbits tend to avoid munching on the foliage, although butterflies adore the nectar.
Place your order for enough September Charm Windflower to complete your project today. Landscape designers will quickly snap up our limited inventory of this glamorous garden workhorse.
How to Use September Charm Windflower in the LandscapeSoften rough edges…the easy way! Repeat this along the middle zone of your borders for a compelling look.
Even the bushy mounds of dark green foliage look attractive from spring onwards. Let the flowers of Columbine, Iris, Spirea, Coreopsis, and Daylilies come and go…and the drum roll for Anemone begin.
A mature stand of September Charm Windflower Japanese Anemone delivers a light-hearted luxury. Plant them in a high-profile place you’ll enjoy year after year.
Decorate a side yard with a long planting bed filled with their easy charm. Mix and match with our other options, such as the double blooms of compact Fantasy™ Pocahontas™ Windflower.
Create a mass planting by spacing them 20 inches apart on center. Measure from the center of one to the center of the next.
Take this idea and use it at the base of taller evergreens. A ribbon of Windflowers bring motion and color to mature Pine, Spruce, Fir and Cedar trees and it’s easy to install.
Create a “lasagna” bed with landscape edging surrounding an underlayment of cardboard that will smother the turf underneath. Add grass clippings, dried leaves, compost and mulch in layers; which will break down into rich soil over time.
These beds won’t need to be very wide to bring a wonderfully modern visual impact. Call it a streamlined strip of a perennial border, and rely on easy-care perennials to create a dynamic focal point.
Curve the beds as you like…and don’t be afraid to steal space away from the front lawn. Make an island planting bed where you’ll see it from inside your home.
Anchor the bed with your favorite Flowering Redbud tree or Japanese Maple. Then, underplant with naturalizing spring-flowering Daffodil bulbs, round-leaved Hosta and September Charm Windflowers for flowers all season.
People keep these showy beauties near downspouts and even growing on top of septic fields. They work hard in planned Rain Gardens to filter potentially polluted runoff from streets and roofs.
No yard? No problem, just keep them in wide outdoor containers to decorate your balcony or deck.
#ProPlantTips for CarePlant September Charm Windflower in either full sun or partial shade conditions. Ensure they receive at least four hours of direct sunlight a day; looking for a spot with afternoon shade in the hottest summers.
While planting, give their root zone life-long support with a few handfuls of compost and Nature Hills Root Booster.Follow directions on this time-tested symbiotic formula to help the tiny feeder roots access micronutrients from the soil.
Supply consistent moisture, but their planting site needs well-drained soil. Standing water is a “no-no”…but they will do best with a schedule of supplemental water.
Mulch helps cut down on evaporation and keeps the roots cool and shaded. Add a three-inch layer to cover the roots, but pull it back from the stems.
In early spring, prune the dried foliage down to the ground. New growth emerges from the crown and can be fed with a slow-release fertilizer formula for flowering plants.
Add fetching September Charm Windflowers to your world this season, and please hurry. If you see it in stock…place your order right away and enjoy!