Plaisir Tulip
Plaisir Tulip

Plaisir Tulip


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Vibrant silken stars in bold primary colors, the Plaisir Tulip (Tulipa ‘Plaisir’) shows off in deep red pointed petals with contrasting white edges! Each bloom opens up into a curving pinwheel with a dash of burgundy accenting the feathered white inside each glorious bloom! The white feathering matures to a glossy yellow!
Blooming in the early spring, these slender solitary-born stems are backed by a vase-shaped clump of deep green broad foliage with textured burgundy splashes! These leaves look fantastic even after the flowers fade! You’ll want to plant a few extra bulbs to fill the amazing spring bouquets you can collect from these plants!
Plaisir Tulip is cold-hardy and easy to grow throughout USDA growing zones 3 to 7! Growing low and staying small, these radiant fragrant blooms more than make-up for their size with sheer color!
Planting and Application:These showy blooms are vibrant edging and border plants! Create rows and groupings to maximize their color! The blooms attract bees and butterflies that appear to sip the nectar, squeezing between the many concentric layers of petals! Plant a few extras for pollinators, and so that you will have plenty of cut flowers for gorgeous bouquet focal points!
Plaisir Tulips are sized perfectly for sunny patio containers and porch pots, even windowboxes and mixed planters enjoy these blooms as thrillers, and their two-tone foliage as filler once the blooms are spent. You’d be hard-pressed to find a flower coloring as this gorgeous spring ephemeral!
This Tulip is a wonderful choice for forcing indoors in the winter or very early spring! Pick up a fancy cloche, shallow dish of moss, or a special forcing vase to enjoy these blooms in the winter to break up the dreary indoor landscape!
Radiant Red Blooms With White Edging That Matures Yellow
Bright Green Strappy Leaves
Elegant Vase Shape
Gorgeous Bouquets & Pollinator Friendly
Beds & Borders, Edging, Groupings & Indoor Forcing
#ProPlantTips for Care:Bulbs require full sun and well-drained soil. Appreciating afternoon shade in warmer hardiness zones where the sun is intense. Any soil type is suitable so long as it is not soggy. Plant in the soil with pointed ends up 3 times as deep as the bulbs are tall. Add bulb fertilizer to each hole for best results. Provide moderate moisture during drought and deadhead after flowers fade. But keep the leaves so they can make food for the bulb and next year’s flowers! Not only is it strong, but it also has incredible endurance. Its blooms endure through spring showers and days of sunshine. Fall-planted bulbs need well-drained soil with moderate moisture needs.
Full Sun For Strongest Growth
Well-Drained Soil
Moderate Moisture Needs
Deadhead After Flowers Fade & Prune Mounds After Leaves Yellow
Deer Seldom Bother Them
Bold color and easy care, the Plaisir Tulip is the sized-just-right little spring ephemeral that will light up your landscape with two-tone silky blooms! Order now at Nature Hills and we’ll ship quality bulbs to your doorstep at the proper planting time for your growing zone.