Spryng Break Tulip
Spryng Break Tulip

Spryng Break Tulip


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Two-tone feathering and divine color, the Sprying Break Tulip (Tulipa ‘Sprying Break’) is creamy white and almost completely covered in rosy-red feathered, red flames and a darker middle stripe! You and your pollinators will be left dizzy by these colorful spring ephemerals!
Above bright-green foliage on strong stems, these lovely cut flowers are fantastic for attracting early-emerging bees and butterflies! As the flowers mature, the white turns into a creamy yellow to change things up! Wonderfully fragranced Sprying Break features large blossoms, and each bulb sends up at least one heavily festooned stem per spring!
Sprying Break is a Darwin Hybrid Tulip that is a lovely herald of spring and a breath of fresh air in the landscape escaping winter’s grip! Cold-hardy throughout USDA growing zones 3 to 8, these are plant-it-and-forget-it perennial bulbs!
Planting and Application:Fantastic space-saving blooms interspersed throughout the Perennial and Cottage gardens. Line walkways and garden edges in tidy bunches! Plant among shrubs and perennials without worry, these tender perennials benefit from the shade later emerging foliage provides. You’ll be glad you placed a few in your cutting garden
Perfectly container-gardening-sized, these lovely blooms fit in any garden or planter, indoors or out! Pop in your containers around your patio or on a balcony for early spring beauty! Plant or force these bulbs in large groupings in shallow dishes, terra cotta pots, and mixed or specimen planters!
White Petals Streaked & Feathered in Rosy-Red!
Matures to Creamy Yellow
Bright Green Foliage & Naturalizing Clumping Growth
Pollinator Friendly, Cut Flowers & Gorgeous Forced Décor
Blooms Open & Close Each Day
Rows, Specimens, Groupings, Drifts, Porch & Patio!
#ProPlantTips for Care:Tulip bulbs require full sun and well-drained soil. Appreciating partial shade in warmer hardiness zones where the sun is intense. Fall-planted bulbs need well-drained soil with moderate moisture needs. Any soil type is suitable so long as it is not soggy. Add bulb fertilizer to each hole for best results. They need well-drained soil with full sun to partial sun. Hyacinthus bulbs need to be planted in the fall before a hard frost in your growing zone. In colder regions, plant 6 inches deep to keep them safe over winter.
Full Sun & Part Shade
Moderate Moisture
Enriched, Well-Drained Soil
Mulched Beds
Deadhead After Bloom is Spent
Easy Care & Low Maintenance
Rosy-red feathering and streaks! The Spryng Break Tulip will add its streaky color-changing blooms to your spring garden! Look forward to spring with these fragrant blossoms from Nature Hills! We’ll ship your order at the proper planting time for your growing zone!