Sapphire Aster
Sapphire Aster

Sapphire Aster


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The fluffy and finely textured Sapphire Aster plant (Aster ‘Sapphire’) is a fantastic selection to brighten your late-season garden with unexpected bright color! Featuring large, fluffy, lilac-blue flowers with cheerful yellow centers, these cultivars of the hardy native selection bloom with abandon from August through September!
With its perfectly clean, compact, dark green foliage forming rounded mounds of leaves, they are great as low-growing backdrops and accents all growing season. Then in the late summer, enjoy these dome-shaped mounds as they explode into lovely clear colors! Bees and butterflies adore these blossoms for a late-season nectar resource!
Known as Bushy Asters, these are disease-resistant, low-maintenance perennials, and feature improved disease resistant foliage, these Asters have retained the family adaptability, deer resistance, and cold-hardiness while sporting increased heat tolerance! Thriving throughout most of the US in both heat and chill throughout USDA growing zones 4 through 8!
Planting and Application:Growing barely over a foot tall and two feet wide, these space-saving perennials are fantastic additions to established landscapes and dress up existing gardens with ease! Tuck a few along the front of the garden as edging or along your foundation plantings as facer plants, gaining a late-season boost of color! Add to perennial and cottage borders to extend your bloom season and of course, any garden with a few Asters in it becomes a pollinator garden! Hummingbirds, bees and butterflies flock to these flowers for an end-of-season nectar resource!
Perfectly sized for containers and mixed-planters, you’ll enjoy seasonal flowers in the latter parts of the year on your porch and patio! Small enough to mix among other perennials and porch pot accents, the tidy mounding form means they are equally lovely as specimen plants filling a pot all by themselves! Their adaptability and low-maintenance nature make these perennials ideal for mass plantings in tricky full sun areas!
Fluffy Lilac Blue Blooms
Stays Small & Tidy
Attracts Pollinators Galore!
Space-Saving Late-Season Color
Edging, Facer Plants, Borders, Containers & En Masse
#ProPlantTips for Care:Aster does require full sun, but can take some afternoon shade in the hottest of its favored growing zones. Plant these herbaceous perennials in a moderate soil range with good drainage that does not become extremely dry during the summer. Lower moisture needs once established, just water enough to help it establish as a new plant, and provide supplemental water in the heat of summer. Pinching back the stem tips in late spring and early summer will produce denser growth and heavier blooming. This plant may be divided every few years in the spring.
Full Sun
Cold Hardy & Adaptable
Moderate Moisture & Well-Drained Soils
Pinch Back in Late Spring/Early Summer
Rust, Disease & Deer Resistant
Woods Purple Aster looks great paired with Woods Blue and Woods Pink Asters, so don’t forget to pick up a few while you’re at it! Long-lasting flowers add a brilliant pop of color to a small, space-saving perennial! Don’t wait, order an Aster Woods Purple for your summer gardening projects today and extend your growing season with the help of!