Woods Purple Aster
Woods Purple Aster

Woods Purple Aster


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The radiant fall-blooming Woods Purple Aster (Aster x dumosus ‘Woods Purple’) has finely textured purple flowers with golden orange centers! These daisy-like blooms have tons of slender tiny petals for a frilly effect! They are long-lasting and bloom with abandon from August through September atop equally fine-textured dark green foliage! Clean and compact, disease-resistant and rust-resistant, the Woods Purple Aster will add delight to your autumn border gardens!
When left unpinched or sheared early in the season, they form informal mounds and are still covered in blooms! But with a bit of spring or early summer pinching, these form neat and tidy domed mounds full of flowers! Even when not in bloom, you’ll enjoy their clean rounded appearance all growing season! And in late summer through the autumn, the entire mound will be covered in these frilly bright purple blossoms! Butterflies looking for a late snack flock to these flowers for vital nectar!
Growing to about a foot high and 2 feet wide, Space-saving miniature Aster perennials are readily tucked into large existing gardens and small yards with ease and convenience! Very cold-hardy and deer-resistant plants, Woods Purple retains its native family’s adaptability and endurance! Featuring fast growth and finely textured deep green leaves, they look fantastic even when not in bloom!
Planting and Application:Starry Asters are highly attractive to bees, butterflies and even hummingbirds and look beautiful all season long in a pollinator garden and cutting border! Woods Blue makes an excellent front-of-the-garden feature and cleans up the edges of the garden, they are fantastic backdrop greenery all spring and summer to set off other plants growing around them, before standing out themselves throughout the fall. Dress up a cottage garden with sublime blooms and brighten the dreary garden or cut flower borders as other plants wind down for the year with a fresh flush of new color!
The small size is also the perfect addition to planters and porch pots for a burst of color later in the season! Use this smaller plant in borders, low-growing mass plantings, interspersed among perennial gardens and along paths and garden edges without worry its demure height and spread will take over in any way. The neat and tidy mounds fill with flowers, making them ideal facer plants, fronting foundation gardens or along a sidewalk or driveway!
Radiant Purple Daisy-Like Blooms
Attracts Butterflies & Bees!
Blooming Late Summer Through Fall
Easy-Care for Containers & Space-Saving Accents
Small Mounded Form – Great Edging & Facer Plants
#ProPlantTips for Care:Aster does require full sun, but can take some afternoon shade in the hottest of its favored USDA growing zones 4 through 8. Plant these herbaceous perennials in a moderate soil range with good drainage that does not become extremely dry during the summer. Lower moisture needs once established, just water enough to help it establish as a new plant, and provide supplemental water in the heat of summer. Pinching back the stem tips in late spring and early summer will produce denser growth and heavier blooming. This plant may be divided every few years in the spring.
Full Sun
Cold Hardy & Adaptable
Moderate Moisture & Well-Drained Soils
Pinch Back in Late Spring/Early Summer
Rust, Disease & Deer Resistant
Woods Purple Aster looks great paired with Woods Blue and Woods Pink Asters, so don’t forget to pick up a few while you’re at it! Long-lasting flowers add a brilliant pop of color to a small, space-saving perennial! Don’t wait, order an Aster Woods Purple for your summer gardening projects today and extend your growing season with the help of NatureHills.com!