Amazing Daisies® Marshmallow Shasta Daisy
Amazing Daisies® Marshmallow Shasta Daisy

Amazing Daisies® Marshmallow Shasta Daisy


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Ruffled and fluffy, the double blooms of Amazing Daisies® Marshmallow Shasta Daisy by Proven Winners® (Leucanthemum superbum ‘Marshmallow’) are stand-out specimen plants! Forming showy clumps of enormous, frilly white blooms atop deep green spear-like foliage, local pollinators will be flocking to the display!
Fantastic cut flowers for your vases, these long-lasting blooms add incredible finery anywhere they go! Pollinators and even a hummingbird or two swinging by for a sip of the nectar and feast on the pollen these ruffled blooms provide!
Marshmallow Shasta Daisy is backed by mounds of deep green foliage, these herbaceous perennials form 20-inch tall clumps and are about 22 inches wide throughout USDA growing zones 5-9. Very tolerant and adaptable, deer and rabbits rarely bother Daisy plants except when they’re desperate.
Planting and Application:Outstanding specimen and focal point perennials, Marshmallow Shasta Daisy is sized for containers as a thriller, as well as a front-of-the-garden accent! Perennial and Cottage gardens receive a designer’s touch, while the tidy, upright clumps are perfect for both formal and informal styles. Fantastic en masse and high impact in long borders, be sure to plant several for your bouquets and for the pollinators!
Shasta Daisy adds cheerful little flowers to Rock Gardens and is a no-brainer for the Children’s Garden! Clumps of little Daisys impart their easy-breezy nature to any mailbox planting, along a well-drained hell-strip by the sidewalk, or as edging along a pathway or your driveway. Any garden becomes a pollinator garden with these nectar-rich blooms!
Huge Fully Double Petaled Blooms
Ruffled, Pure White Flowers & Fluffy Yellow Centers
Upright Clump Forming Deep-Green Leaves
Pollinators Galore & Fantastic Cut Flower for Bouquets
Specimen, Container Gardening, Beds & Borders
#ProPlantTips for Care:These upright perennials benefit from full sun for the strongest stems. When planted in warmer Marshmallow appreciates some partial shade in the afternoons. Shasta Daisies are tough herbaceous perennials that have the most vigorous growth when grown in any fertile, well-drained soil with consistent moisture. Mulch well to retain moisture and insulate the roots. After that though, this hardy plant is quite drought-tolerant. Incessantly wet roots will, especially during the winter, can cause some damage.
A good way to ensure the longest flowering time is to periodically deadhead the spent flowers. It is best to prune down the stems and foliage in late autumn after it has turned yellow. Improve vigor by dividing every few years. Not only do you get a healthier plant, but you (or a friend or neighbor) also get two healthy plants out of the deal!
Most Compact Growth in Full Sun
Moderate Regular Moisture – Appreciates Mulched Beds
Well-Drained Organically Enriched Soil – Dislikes Soggy Winter Soil
Reblooms if Deadheaded – Prune Mounds in Late Autumn
Seldom Damaged By Deer – Easy Care & Low Maintenance
Fluffy and luscious, the Amazing Daisies® Marshmallow Shasta Daisy adds finery and high style, you’ll be glad you ordered from Nature Hills today!