Pulp Fiction Dahlia
Pulp Fiction Dahlia

Pulp Fiction Dahlia


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Mysterious and dramatic, the Pulp Fiction Dahlia (Dahlia pinnata ‘Pulp Fiction’) is an incredible contrasting red bloom with dark burgundy-red near-black centers and stems. The drama doesn’t stop there as these daisy-like blooms are backed by deeply toothed near-black foliage with burgundy-red tones!
Pulp Fiction starts and finishes with fiery red blooms mid-summer through autumn! Growing to 8-10 inches in height when in bloom, and spreading to a dramatic 12-36 inch mound of dark foliage that accents everything in its presence. Calling butterflies, hummingbirds, and admirers to your garden!
Hardy in-ground in USDA growing zones 9-11. The shock of color rises above deep-purple, almost black foliage that holds its color all summer as well! You can bring these plants in as houseplants before frost in the winter. But cooler zones need not miss out, Pulp Fiction Dahlia can be dug in the fall, cut off the stems and green, and let them dry a few days before putting them in moist sand in a box and stored in the basement or wherever it is above freezing until spring.
Planting and Application:So versatile, Pulp Fiction will lend vivid color to your perennial gardens and borders, cutting gardens, planters, and containers alike! Fantastic cut flowers and pollinator garden blooms, Dahlia are double-duty flowers that can be enjoyed indoors and out!
Pulp Fiction Dahlia is compact and just the right size to fit anywhere, they make up for their height with a colorful presence! Features tidy and low-maintenance, upright growth. Pot up in container gardens, planters, and window boxes, so that even patio and porch gardeners and balcony gardens can enjoy these dramatic blooms!
Bold Red Blooms Don’t Fade
Near Black Foliage
Versatile Use Indoors or Out
Great for Pollinators & Cut Flower Bouquets
Small-Sized Containers, Beds & Borders, Garden Specimens
#ProPlantTips for Care:Pulp Fiction blooms all summer without fading in full sun to partial sun locations in a wide range of soil types, as long as it is well-drained! Soak the tubers for a few hours before planting and plant them with their fingers spread out gently and pointing downwards. Water well and maintain consistent moisture, adding 3-4 inches of mulch helps considerably.
Dahlia tubers can be dug after frost and stored in all growing zones! Dig up the plants after the first frost to save your tubers for the next year. Let them dry out, and then place in paper bags or boxes in a cool place and sprinkle a little water on the tubers periodically to keep them from drying out. In a frost-free climate, leave the tubers in the ground and trim the stems once they die back.
Full Sun to Partial Shade
Well-Drained Organic Soil
Moderate Consistent Moisture
Easy Care Perennial Tuber
Lift Tubers in Cold Growing Zones in Fall After Frost
Appreciates Monthly Fertilizer
These exotic beauties will make you fall in love! Start your Dahlia collection or feed your existing Dahlia obsession with the gorgeous Pulp Fiction Dahlia from Nature Hills today! Nature Hills ships your quality bulbs and tubers at the appropriate planting time for your growing zones.