Sweet Daisy™ Jane Shasta Daisy
Sweet Daisy™ Jane Shasta Daisy

Sweet Daisy™ Jane Shasta Daisy


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Do you know what they say about good things coming in small packages? Well, the Sweet Daisy™ Jane Shasta Daisy (Leucanthemum x superbum ‘Jane’) is a sweet little flowering perennial with a double layer of petals on dainty little blooms. Forming atop a compact mound of leaves for space-saving and cheerful landscaping in the sun! Flowering from late spring until mid-summer, these are wonderful blooms that bridge the gap between spring and summer!
Sweet Daisy™ Jane forms deep green mounds of well-branched foliage that grow to 8-12 inches tall when in bloom and about 10-12 inches wide at maturity. The snow-white, compact blooms with their adorably stubby double petals create a different effect than their longer-petalled cousins! Resembling Chamomile and having a more herbal look than their big flouncy family members, Sweet Daisy™ Jane is indeed sweet!
Hardy throughout USDA growing zones 5 to 9, Daisies are very low maintenance and space-saving perennials that can easily be included in about any sized garden and for any landscape style! They even work in containers! Deer rarely bother these plants unless desperate and rabbits prefer to nibble elsewhere!
Planting and Application:Fantastic as low edging and for creating small, winding rows through the barren spots of an older garden, Daisies dance happily anywhere in the sun! Create groupings to emphasize this darling little bloomer’s effect! Shasta Daisies are classic sunny English cut flower border additions and traditional Cottage garden perennials!
Their compact size makes Sweet Daisy™ Jane a wonderful filler for containers and planters around a sunny front porch or sun-drenched back seating area! Delightfully easy-care, they are perfect for beginner and expert gardeners alike – so they are also the perfect gift plant to brighten someone’s day! No matter how busy one is, once established, Daisies pretty much take care of themselves!
Sweet Daisy™ Jane Shasta Daisy adds cheerful little flowers to Rock Gardens and is a no-brainer for the Children’s Garden! Clumps of little Daisys impart their easy-breezy nature to any mailbox planting, along a well-drained hell-strip by the sidewalk, or as edging along a pathway or your driveway. Any garden becomes a pollinator garden with these nectar-rich blooms!
Cheerful Little Daisy Blooms in Traditional White & Yellow
Compact Smaller Mounds of Greenery
Containers, Cut Flower Gardens & Pollinator-Friendly
Space-Saving Size Late-Spring to Mid-Summer Blooms
Rows & Massed, Edging, Accents & Easy-Care Sunny Beds & Borders
#ProPlantTips for Care:Shasta Daisies are tough herbaceous perennials that have the most vigorous growth when grown in full sun. Well-drained soils are best and you’ll want to make sure you’re giving it medium moisture as it’s establishing itself in your landscape. After that though, this hardy plant is quite drought-tolerant. Incessantly wet roots will, especially during the winter, can cause some damage.
A good way to ensure the longest flowering time is to periodically deadhead the spent flowers. This lets the plant focus its energy on making new blossoms for you to enjoy. It is best to prune down the stems and foliage in late autumn after it has turned yellow. Improve vigor by dividing every few years. Not only do you get a healthier plant, you get two healthy plants out of the deal!
Most Compact Growth in Full Sun
Moderate Regular Moisture
Appreciates Mulched Beds
Well-Drained Organically Enriched Soil – Dislikes Soggy Winter Soil
Reblooms if Deadheaded – Prune Mounds in Late Autumn
Seldom Damaged By Deer
Sweet Daisy™ Jane Shasta Daisy is an adorable smaller and well-branched little double-petalled Daisy for your garden and container gardening delight! Order sweet perennial blooms today at NatureHills.com!