Iris Black Gamecock
Iris Black Gamecock

Iris Black Gamecock


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Black Gamecock Louisiana Iris (Iris louisiana ‘Black Gamecock’) has intense blue-black 4-6 inch wide blooms accented with a yellow band. This golden throat just highlights the ebony hues of the bloom. It is an absolutely breathtaking flower! Butterflies and bees, and a few hummingbirds adore these blooms!
With a velvety texture, lovely fragrance and beautiful evergreen foliage, it has a plant height of 3 feet or more, and a width of 12-24 inches. Blooming from spring into summer, Black Gamecock is an attractive backdrop for your garden! The green sword-like foliage looks fantastic from spring until fall!
Louisiana Iris are a quickly growing Iris variety that spreads by rhizomes, so if planted this year, they will be even bigger and better in a season or two! Tolerating more moisture than other Iris and is suitable for use around water features!
Planting and Application:Black Gamecock is useful in many ways and is best used around ponds, pools, water gardens, Rain Gardens, and for mass plantings. It can also be used in difficult banks and prevent erosion. It makes magnificent cut flowers and is resistant to deer, but pollinators and dragonflies love perching on these tall landing pads! You’ll enjoy these dark blooms adding mystery and depth to both the garden border and indoor bouquets.
Create groupings or winding rows throughout your planting beds where they politely spread and fill in all the gaps. The unusual height of these magnificent blooms punctuates the garden bed and border and adds dramatic vertical interest to cottage borders, cut flower gardens and perennial beds!
Blue Black Flower & Golden Throat
Blooms Spring Through Summer
5 Foot Tall – Perfect for Back Row Planting
Adds Height & Vertical Interest
Beds, Borders, Rain Gardens, Water Features & Cut Flower Gardens
#ProPlantTips for Care:Louisiana Iris prefers to be planted in moist, well-drained soil in full sun but will tolerate some afternoon shade, especially in the hotter of its favored USDA growing zones 4 through 9. Tolerant of unseasonable cold as well as heat and humidity, this hardy native is pest and disease free. Planting depth is generally 3 to 5-inches deep and apart, keeping the pointed side up, backfilling with well-draining topsoil, and then watered in well until the ground freezes.
Work a handful of bone meal or slow-release organic fertilizer below the roots, then plant so the top of each rhizome is just an inch or so below the soil surface. You’ll see the bumps or shoots of next year’s leaves on one side, so be sure to plant with those facing up. The upper 1/3 of the rhizome should be exposed to sunlight. When it gets cold, top with a layer of clean, dry leaves, compost or a few inches of arborist mulch over the rhizome for winter insulation. In spring, pull back the mulch to expose the top one-third of the rhizome once again.
Full Sun & Partial/Afternoon Shade
Moist to High Moisture Needs
Well-Drained Soil of All Kinds
Juglone Resistant & Relatively Deer Resistant
A splendid blossom for any setting, Black Gamecock will please you with its giant near-black blooms in early summer and returning effortlessly year after year! Order yours today from our expert growers at Nature Hills Nursery.