Red Prairie Spy Apple Tree
Red Prairie Spy Apple Tree

Red Prairie Spy Apple Tree


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The Red Prairie Spy Apple Tree (Malus ‘Red Prairie Spy’) not only looks beautiful but also produces juicy and sweet Apples for you to enjoy! Whether you love baking with Apples or packing them for lunch by themselves, this one’s for you! You’ll never want a different kind of Apple after trying this one!
The gorgeous white blossoms in the spring attract loads of pollinators and bees that are drawn in by the fragrance! All growing season, the lush green foliage fills out the rounded form of this lovely tree for the rest of the growing season.
You can harvest these fruits in late October! What a perfect time to make caramel Apples or a fresh Apple pie for Thanksgiving. These Apples also store very well for long periods! Red Prairie Spy grows from 10 – 15 feet in height, being a great height for a small yard or abundant orchard! The Red Prairie Spy Apple Tree thrives in zones 4-8. Need to find your hardiness zone? Use our Plant Hardiness Zone map to locate yours!
This late-harvesting tree is truly one of a kind! You’ll be grateful you chose the Red Prairie Spy Apple Tree as one of your orchard’s Apple trees. Especially because this tree provides abundant harvests when planted near a pollinating partner! All fruit trees are happier with the company.
Planting and Application:You will want to get a pollination partner for this tree so you can have a great harvest! This is very common with all fruit trees and Red Prairie Spy isn’t fully self-pollinating. Pair it up with a pollinator partner tree, create groves of multiple trees, or go linear with your orchard and create a double-duty hedgerow that acts as hedging, privacy, and property division!
More fruit means more juicy, sweet, and slightly tart Apples for pie and other baked treats! Fantastic cooking Apples, but they’re ideal for about any use you’d need! Growing to a mid-sized 10-15 feet in height and slightly smaller width, these are easy to reach for harvest and ideal for smaller properties and grouping with its pollinators in high-density planting techniques!
The lovely spring blooms and green foliage make Red Prairie Spy Apples an ornamental edible landscaping specimen, small shade tree, and great curb appeal! Plant with other Apples that ripen early in the season and mid-season, extending your enjoyment of Apple fruit while you wait for this late-season tree to ripen!
Yellow Apple Streaked With Red
Creamy White Firm Flesh – Sweet & Tart
Pollinator-Friendly Fragrant White Flowers
Late-Season (October) Harvest
Lovely Curb Appeal, Smaller Size, Easier Harvest & Versatile Edible Landscaping
#ProPlantTips for Care:This Fruit Tree isn’t too needy! All you have to do is give it basic needs and a friend for pollination! Provide your Red Prairie Spy Apple Tree with a full sun location. All fruit trees love to bask in the sun for nourishment. Well-drained soil is also recommended when choosing where to plant your Apple! This ensures that the soil doesn’t get bogged down with too much water – leading to root rot or drowning!
Use the Finger Test. Simply stick your finger into the soil near the base of the tree. If it feels moist, then your tree is happy and fine! However, if it is dry, give it a good soak! Topped off with a 3-4 inch thick layer of arborist mulch. Once established, a fertilizer routine may be beneficial. You can get all your Pruning tips and tricks here to keep your Apple tree growing best.
Full Sun Trees
Well-Drained Enriched Soil
Regular Moisture Needs
Thin Fruit During Heavy Crops
800 Chill Hours
Sweet tart and petite, the easy-going Red Prairie Spy Apple Tree will light up your spring, shade your summer, and feed you all fall! Order quality fruit trees today at Nature Hills Nursery!
Red Prairie Spy Apple Tree Frequently Asked QuestionsWhen to Plant Red Prairie Spy Apple TreesPlanting Bareroot trees as soon as you can dig a hole in spring and until hot weather, the earlier the better. Plant container Apple trees throughout the growing season with complete success – that is the benefit of container plants – to extend the planting season. Your County Agricultural Extension Office is a great resource for first and last frost dates in your area.
How to Plant Red Prairie Spy Apple TreesDig a large hole only as deep as needed to accommodate the bareroot or container root ball, and twice as wide. Add Nature Hills Root Booster to speed root establishment. Remove the pot or bag and situate it into the hole so the top of the soil (soil line if bareroot), is level with the new location’s soil being careful not to plant too deep. Water in again very well and backfill with the same soil you dug up, tamping down gently to ensure there are no air pockets.
Top off with a 3-4 inch thick layer of Arborist mulch. Consider staking your tree to keep its trunk growing straight for the first year to ensure it stands tall against strong winds and drifting snow.
Red Prairie Spy Apple Tree Pollinating InfoRed Prairie Spy is not self-fruiting and needs a pollinating partner. Pair with one of these varieties:
Cortland Apple Tree
Pink Lady Apple Tree
Fuji Apple Tree
Golden Delicious Apple Tree
Granny Smith Apple Tree
Honeycrisp Apple Tree
Red Jonathan Apple Tree
Pixie Crunch Apple Tree
McIntosh Apple Tree
Harvest Times for Red Prairie Spy Apple TreesRed Prairie Spy’s are typically ready to harvest in late September through early October.
Early-Season? Mid-Season? Late-Season? The terminology can be confusing for new Apple tree growers. Weather, climate, and your tree determine when it’s ripe.
For Apples:
Early-season is usually June-July
Mid-season can be August-September
Late-season can be from late September-November
The growing season consists of spring, summer, and fall, and varies with climate and weather. Areas with longer growing seasons in the warmer hardiness zones can greatly affect the harvest times for each particular Apple variety grown in your area. Learn which growing zone you are in.
What Shipping Options Do You Offer? works closely with our growers and nursery professionals to ensure we ship when it is most appropriate for your area. Our goal is to deliver the hardiest plants by avoiding extreme high and low temperatures. Check out our shipping schedule for more information and to learn our wills and won’ts when it comes to shipping plants. Find your Red Prairie Spy Apple Tree for sale here at!