Chester Thornless Blackberry Bush
Chester Thornless Blackberry Bush

Chester Thornless Blackberry Bush


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Top producer Chester Blackberry (Rubus ‘Chester Thornless’) is a wonderfully self-fruitful, semi-upright thornless Blackberry that produces high yields of large, firm berries in the peak of summer! Perfect for all-around use as a healthy snack, baking, desserts, and preserves, the fruit is sweet and not tart. These firm berries are best when ripened on the vine, and Chester is a robust Blackberry variety that stands up against common blights and cold winters.
The pleated green leaves and Wild Rose-like pinkish-white flowers welcome spring and call pollinators to arrive in swarms to assist with your fruit pollination! The nearly thornless canes are a delight to harvest from and wonderfully kid-friendly! Songbirds will adore these ouch-free canes to nest in and take shelter in all year round! You may wish to employ some bird netting to discourage your feathered friends from absconding with all your delicious fruit!
Chester is a late-season floricane (summer-bearing) berry bush that is very disease-resistant and heat-tolerant throughout USDA growing zones 5-8 and is remarkably easy to grow! This cold-hardy beauty produces even after the temperatures drop below zero. As for gardeners in the south, these berries tolerate the heat well and even arid conditions. In fact, their deeply hued berries keep their ravishing color despite the heat.
Planting and Application:Make use of your fence line or add a few Chester Thornless Blackberries to your veggie garden. Create hedges and privacy around your property without worrying about trespassers of both the two and four-legged kind! These flowering and fruiting ornamental bushes are perfect for double-duty edible landscaping in any sunny location you have on your property!
Planted with an early and a mid-season producer to extend your harvest while increasing pollination amongst all bushes in the area! Use groupings of Blackberries to increase productivity and pollination, or a single specimen of these self-pollinating bushes! Chester Blackberry is great as a cottage garden backdrop or for casting shade in the herb and veggie garden! Birds adore these fruiting shrubs and nest and take shelter in them regularly!
Prepare your bakeware–you will want to fill up on these as you pick them fresh then use the rest in pies, jams, jellies, on your ice cream or yogurt, and anywhere else you can conceive to use them! And after you’re all out of ideas, you can freeze the rest for smoothies.
Deep Reddish-Black Berries
Vigorous Growth & Highly Productive
Summer Ripening Thornless Floricanes
Wonderful Sweet Flavor – Not Tart!
Gorgeous White Flowers for Pollinators
Edible Landscaping, Hedges & Wildlife-Friendly Groupings
#ProPlantTips for Care:Blackberry bushes thrive in full sun or partial shade – but you will enjoy more fruit in full sun! Plant your berry bush in a well-drained, enriched site with a 3-4 inch layer of arborist mulch chips to hold in moisture and insulate the roots. Provide new shrubs with consistent moisture and regular fertility. Once established, provide extra moisture when fruiting and all summer. Chester Blackberries however thrive in poorer soil and less moisture once established!
Pruning Floricane BlackberriesAfter harvest, cut back older canes to the ground and dream of your impending harvest next year. Remove the canes completely after they have fruited over their entire length to encourage the production of new canes.
Full Sun & Partial Shade
Enriched Well-Drained Soil & Moderate Moisture Needs
Cold Hardy/Heat-Tolerant Bushes!
Self-Pollinating – More Berries With Another Bush
Drought-Resistant & Disease Resistant
Prune Floricanes After Fruiting
600-700 Chill Hours
When you see your Chester Thornless Blackberry covered in plump berries, you may wonder if it’s black magic. Don’t worry – it’s just a phenomenal variety with kid-friendly magical Blackberries. If you don’t have the patience for unproductive plants, you will love this Thornless Blackberry. Order your own today at!