Northsky Blueberry Bush
Northsky Blueberry Bush

Northsky Blueberry Bush


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The Northsky Blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum x Vaccinium angustifolium ‘Northsky’) is an exciting Half-High Blueberry selection, introduced through the renowned University of Minnesota’s Blue Breeding Program! Northsky is a very hardy, dwarf variety. It tolerates temperatures as low as bone-chilling -40 degrees Fahrenheit. It also looks amazing!
This compact plant has a dense canopy. It’s able to tolerate snow loads, which makes the Northsky the first choice for those living in the cold winter extremes. In fact, the winter snow load actually protects the buds from the severe winter cold!
It’s also a beautiful ornamental plant for the landscape. In spring, Northsky is completely covered in snow white, tiny, bell-shaped blossoms. Berries are decoratively set to the outside of the plant. Northsky produces small, sky-blue berries that are soft and sweet. The flavor is often described as a mild wild Blueberry. This allows for easy hand picking or raking with a special Blueberry rake. You’ll also really appreciate extending your harvest time to 2 months.
Planting and Application:The Northsky is a true home garden selection! Blueberries are a delicious superfruit. How fun to grow your own gourmet fruit! Easy food sustainability and healthy homegrown goodness anywhere sunny! Enjoy them fresh, dehydrated, or used in cobbler, cake, sauce, jam, jelly, or syrup. Try this powerful, tiny Blueberry in a frost-proof container on your patio. In the fall, this beautiful densely foliaged plant turns a brilliant red.
Northsky is a Half-High and will need another blueberry for pollination, so plant it and its pollinator partners in groups or hedgerows for low privacy and property definition, or as part of your foundation plantings in the sun. Consider combining with Northcountry or Northblue. Both of these varieties were introduced out of the same University of Minnesota’s blueberry program. They’ll work together beautifully to increase your production.
Sweet, Mild Powder Blue Fruit
Intense Wild Blueberry Flavor
Mid-Season Half-High
Compact Size, Perfect for Containers
Productive & Cold-Hardy
#ProPlantTips for Care:Northsky and most Blueberries like full sun and organically rich acidic soils with a pH of 5.5 or lower. The roots prefer to stay cool so mulch well, the shallow, fibrous roots need constant moisture and good drainage.
Full Sun
Plenty of Moisture, Mulch & Organic Fertility
Prune When Dormant
Best in Acidic Soil
Requires a Pollinator
You’ll definitely enjoy the finest cold country Blueberry varieties available. Order yours at today!
Recommended Pollinators: Northcountry or Northblue